Me and my daily life as an apprentice, Hannah Steel, 12 January 2018

Hannah Steel

Jan 12 2018

Before I started working at Hampshire County Council I worked at Marks and Spencer’s. I enjoyed working there in the cafe meeting new people but I felt like I wanted to broaden my skills.

I wanted to do an apprenticeship as I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for me to gain some new skills and experiences, I wanted to push myself and better my career. I am part of the administration team in Property Services at Hampshire County Council, I’m really enjoying learning all sorts of different things, and I feel lucky enough to have a really supportive Manager who has helped me develop in many different ways.

On a daily basis I cover the admin phone and inbox. I receive all sorts of phone calls from the general public, schools, contractors and other external clients, they vary all the time. It can be a challenge sometimes directing the calls through to the correct department, but it has become easier as I pick up more knowledge and there’s always colleagues in the office I can ask.

I arrange train tickets and ferry bookings for colleagues going to meetings and on training courses. We sometimes do flight and hotel bookings too. I’m also required to type up minutes from meetings that take place throughout the year, and I support some of the architects with organising meetings and booking out hire cars, it’s really good getting to know some of the projects that the architects are working on.

One of my main roles is to manage the stationery and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) orders. This involves me doing a stock check every two weeks to ensure that we are not running low on anything. It’s important that when anyone is doing a site visit that they are wearing the correct Personal protective equipment, the types of equipment that I order are hard hats, safety boots, gloves, hi-vis waistcoats and jackets.

When I started my job back in October 2015, I was studying for my Level 2 in Business Administration. This involved a learning day every Wednesday out of the office. This enabled me to gain skills which I can put to practise in the office. The learning programme was really good and I managed to achieve my qualification in October 2016 which I was really proud of.

I then spoke with my manager regarding the possibility of progressing onto the Level 3 Business Administration course. I was pleased I gained a space to start the course in September, I had heard that the level 3 was a big step up compared to the level 2, which did worry me slightly but 3 months into the course and I am feeling much more comfortable as my tutor is really supportive along with my friends in my group and my colleagues. I am glad I took the step up and I am learning something new each time.

Hannah Steel