My first day at Hampshire County Council, Jasmine Hunt, 11 August

Jasmine Hunt

Aug 11 2017

Jasmine Hunt

I started working as an apprentice at Hampshire County Council on 22 August 2016 in the customer interaction centre. I remember being so nervous on my first day and forgetting my purse and lunch so had to frantically ask to borrow money for my bus fare from a lady who I did not know at the bus stop.

Thankfully the lunch part did not matter as I was sick with nerves so could not stomach anything. Eventually I settled in and realised there was nothing to worry about! The team I was working in was lovely and I was welcomed with open arms.

The learning began and it was such a shock going from a college education environment to the workplace. I felt as if I was treated a lot more maturely but I was also mainly independent now and that was a great feeling.

It helped that it appeared a lot more people were also new to the building as some of my colleagues had been moved up to Winchester from Fareham. We were all in the same boat together, despite them having more knowledge on the job, to get to know each other and those around us.

I feel as if I was very privileged to be able to come in to the team that I did and that they helped me achieve the knowledge and goals that I have today. The first day of working at Hampshire County Council was key for me as I have made some great friendships with those who can help me progress.