Getting stuck in

Josh Jerrard

May 26 2017


It has been roughly two and a half months since I started my apprenticeship working for Hampshire County Council. The team I joined is Voice and Consultancy. My colleagues are the ones who setup Council IT equipment, phone extensions or even mobile phones and iPads. It has been intense, gratifying, eye opening but above all, it has been fun. I started out with the basics, learning about what my team does and the different tasks it has to handle, I also got to see what some of the other IT teams do in our organisation.

After a while I was told by my line manager about a certain project that our team was going to be involved in quite heavily - at this point I was not sure how my role in this was going to develop!  I got involved with testing of some new products and that went further into more testing and so on. I was then told more about the project I was contributing towards - we were offering new products and services to the new or returning Councillors for Hampshire this year. At this point I started to realise the importance of what I was doing. Then I was given a choice: did I want to get involved with delivering this new product and service? I was unsure how I would come across to the Councillors and did not want to make a fool of myself.

It was thanks to my line manager and her confidence in me that I took this task on and got stuck in - this was a chance to prove my worth and show them that I was the right person for them to take on. As the day for delivering the products and service got closer, the more I started to get caught up in the negativity inside my own head. Then the day came and all of a sudden with reassurance from my managers and my colleagues, my nerves had settled and I was raring to go.

It does not matter about what happened by the end of the day, what matters is that we take the opportunities we are given and prove to ourselves that we are worth being given that chance.