A day in the life of a level 3 Apprentice

Katie Marke

Mar 8 2017

I am Katie and I am a Level 3 Business and Administration apprentice with Hampshire Futures at Hampshire County Council. I currently work in Children's Services as a Placement Officer. This role is the most demanding and high pressure role I have had yet. The role means placing vulnerable young people in safe and secure placements such as foster care, or an emergency bed. Sometimes this can be in an emergency, due to police protection or in a planned way. It’s very fast paced and can be stressful at times. But this is something that I enjoy, as I feel I work best under pressure. Although it can be challenging, I do love it! It is also very rewarding and this is because I get to see placements through from start to end and it makes me happy when you make a successful placement for a young person.

My apprenticeship isn’t directly related to the work I conduct on a daily basis, which is often a misconception of apprenticeships. Some of the units in level 3 are optional, so tutors try to ensure the best fit so it is easier to collect evidence, and try to keep it relevant to your role. But I like that it is different, as this means I am able to learn new things.

We have training days on a Thursday, once every week for six months then once a month for the remaining 12 months. I previously completed the level 2 apprenticeship and wanted to continue at the higher level to ensure I could learn as much as possible. This is because I didn’t complete college due to it not being the best fit for my learning style and I felt it was important that I had some form of qualification.

There are some differences between the two apprenticeships. Level 2 looks mainly at business in general, whereas level 3 looks at how a business operates in the wider world of business and in much more detail. Both levels have incorporated general business facts and also looked at how Hampshire County Council operates compared to other businesses.

I am constantly learning from the mix of my apprenticeship and workplace role and both are developing my skills for the future. I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship to anyone of any age or point in their life!