Looking back on the day I tackled my fear

Katie Thompson

Apr 13 2018

Katie Thompson

My apprenticeship course is coming to an end! This year has not only been one of the most challenging years but it has by far been the most rewarding. I have gained a lot of new skills and knowledge as well as confidence, which I had little of at the beginning of the year.

At the beginning of the year we were told that part of the criteria for my apprenticeship course was to deliver a presentation. When I heard this my insides screamed! I have never been a confident public speaker, last time I had to deliver a presentation was seven years ago at school and I was not very good then. When the time came round to preparing for the presentation my nerves truly kicked in, but I had a lot of support from colleagues and fellow apprentices, rehearsing my presentation in front of them and taking on board feedback and tips was very helpful.

Presentation day was nerve racking, the presentation itself only had to last between 7-10 minutes, not that long right? Wrong, it felt more like an hour! But with that said my presentation actually went really well, I was nervous but I got through it with no (or little) hiccups and I received positive feedback!

Even though it was scary and quite daunting I am so pleased I’ve done it. If I hadn’t, well, I would not have been able to pass my Business Administration course but also I feel like I would have always regretted not challenging myself and tackling my fear. I gained a lot more confidence and self belief that day.