The beginning of my career

Letitia Barron

Jun 2 2017

Before I started my apprenticeship I had been working in retail for a short period of time. You see, I had a little boy at the age of 20. I was out of work for a good four years so that I could look after him and bring him up, though once he had started school I had decided it was time to start looking at building myself a career and making a better life for us both.

I had always wanted to get into an administrative role but never really knew how to go about it; I started to work in shops while I looked for the perfect opportunity. Finally I came across an advert for an apprenticeship in business administration. I managed to get an interview, attended and got the job! I was ecstatic, in just over a year from my son starting school I had passed my driving test, gained a level B in English GCSE and would finally be starting the career that I had always wanted.

I started the apprenticeship in January 2017 and our induction days were when it really hit me; this is going to be hard work and not just a walk in the park. I would need to gain maths and ICT functional skills qualifications as well as passing the apprenticeship.

I am 26 now and was worried that I would be too old to be doing an apprenticeship as I am the oldest in my group and that maybe my baby brain was not what it used to be! Although it was going to be a lot of work, I realised just how eager I was to begin learning again and that I was ready for it.

Four months in and it has definitely been hard work but also very rewarding too. As I continue down this road I am proving not only to myself but my son too, that you are never too old to learn and can achieve the career you want.