I did it! Lucy Stannard, 10 November

Lucy Stannard

Nov 10 2017

Lucy Stannard

When I started the Business Administration Apprenticeship back in February, we were given an overview of the whole course. This included written statements about customer service, emailing, producing business documents and many others. We were also told that we would need witness statements from colleagues and evidence to prove we can do these units that we write about. One of our units is about a presentation; yep you read that right, presentation. Not only did we have to write about how to deliver a presentation, and produce one. We had to present it to an audience.

For me this would always be the most daunting, challenging factor of the course. I kept putting it off, thinking it would disappear, but, it didn’t. I enjoy designing and producing presentations, so I knew that this part would not be too difficult, but the actual delivering part. Now that is a challenge… a challenge that I truly didn’t know if I would be able to achieve.

All I kept thinking was “How am I going to do this?!”

The night before, I practiced going over and over my queue cards, trying to make sure the words would flow naturally. Whilst also remembering to look up often enough and give the appropriate eye contact with the audience.

About half an hour prior to my presentation, I was setting everything up in the room and kept pacing about, taking deep breaths, and attempting the confident pose (you know the ‘Fake it till you make it’ saying).

The second that everyone started walking in to the room, all of my fear came rushing back, and I just wanted to drop to the floor. It felt like I was talking for hours, how can less than 10 minutes feel so long?

At the end of my presentation, I felt that my nerves had got the better of me and it was ruined.  Even though all my feedback was very positive, I still couldn’t get rid of the disheartening, disappointment feeling.

That night, I was sat in my garden with a cup of tea, staring up in to the sky.  I was thinking back to where I was five years ago, to where I am now. If you had told me back then, that I would have delivered a presentation, I would think you were mad. But, then I just started smiling and thought; I did it.