Back to school

Marion Felton

Jul 22 2019

Primary School

Literally ………

Who would have thought it, that after spending 32 years of my life working in the ‘glamorous’ world of advertising as a project manager, I would find myself back in school working as an Apprentice.  It is a very daunting thought, spending the next 18 months studying.  Especially as I am probably the oldest apprentice in Hampshire.

My family and I moved down to New Milton from North London six months ago and I still feel it is the best thing we have done ‘especially when the sun is shining’. 

So six months on, after a house move, a last minute lung operation, new jobs for hubby and me and a new junior school for our son, I now find myself working full time in a Primary School, as an Apprentice Admin Assistant (A job I applied for on the off chance I might get an interview, all good for experience I thought). A complete and utter change of career.  

The Business Admin L3 apprenticeship is stretching me in lots of ways, especially with a full time job, a home to run, a functional skills Maths exam to complete and an exciting new area to explore. But I am beginning to really enjoy all the new knowledge I am gaining. It is the challenge I think I was looking for. Taking this on and studying for the Business Administration L3 exams is filling my 20% ‘off the job training log’ at a rate of knots.

Working amongst 366 primary school children has opened my eyes to things I have never ever thought about. No two days are the same. The children make you smile.  It is a very rewarding job.   I work with an amazing team who are supporting me all the way. They are teaching me everything from scratch, so their patience is outstanding. Although my ‘life’ and transferable PM skills have been a huge help.

I have always been a huge believer in apprenticeships (for School Leavers or so I thought), so hopefully I can prove it is never too late to become an Apprentice and learn learn learn.  

Marion Felton aged 52.