Life after the apprenticeship

Michaela Carle

Jan 27 2017

I’m due to complete my apprenticeship on 31 March, just over two months away. Lately, we’ve all had to think about what options we have for our careers after we finish. Personally, I’ll be staying in my current role in finance, a job that I really enjoy and am passionate about. But, my career is going to be put on ice for a little while, as I’m having a baby in June which means I’ll be going on maternity leave shortly after completion.

But, this hasn’t stopped me from considering what route to take when I come back to work. Although I had never previously considered it, I think I’d enjoy a career in the finance sector. Book keeping, accountancy, being a financial advisor and many other options have crossed my mind. There are also other apprenticeships available to apply for once this one is completed, which is a very tempting option.

For now though, I’m very happy in the role I have at Hampshire County Council and work with a great team. Although it can be hectic at times, I love the job I do in the Care Payments Department. By the time the apprenticeship is completed, l will have been in my role for 13 months. It’s hard to remember not being in the team! So this is where I plan on staying after the apprenticeship, in my comfort bubble of emails and queries, with a great team.