Working with older colleagues

Peter Jensen

Nov 11 2016

The first thing that I noticed when I set foot into the office was that everyone there was older than me. I cannot lie, I felt excluded, that I would never fit in, that I would be treated like a child. However, once I started to talk to everyone and fully realised what they were like, I was relieved. People, who have lived life, had such a wide view of how the world works, and me, an apprentice who is fresh off the education conveyor belt; school.

As a secondary school pupil, transferring into the work world you feel like you have grown up almost too fast. So to start off with, I found it rather awkward to interact with my colleagues, due to the sheer difference in age. Quickly I grew to respect everyone. This was because I figured that in contrast to school, where you only interact with people your own age, there was a wide range of people of various ages and personalities. It provided me with a new view of how the world works and showed me how easy I have had it during my school years. Then I realised that I had finally reached the point in life where I had crossed swords with the working world.

Shining a light on the world of work has many opportunities and has broadened my views and has provided me with a sense of maturity. All I can say is that so far, this apprenticeship has vastly improved my sensibility towards work and provided me with a greater work ethic than I had before.