I’m a mid-40s, married, mum-of-two… and I’m an Apprentice!

Sandra Judd

Feb 23 2018

Sandra Judd

I am 45; married; have two secondary school aged daughters; one dog and two tortoises. Why would I want to complicate my life by becoming an Apprentice?

I have worked in the Library service for Hampshire County Council for 15 years, initially as a Library assistant and more recently becoming a Customer Service Assistant in Libraries. When an opportunity arose to apply for an apprenticeship I took it and amazingly I was accepted. I am now a few months into my Advanced Diploma in Business Administration.

It’s tough, but ultimately rewarding. I have met some amazing people. I am finding out heaps of information about Hampshire County Council and I have discovered that my brain does still function.

The beauty of this apprenticeship is that my day to day work life can be adapted to fit around the assignments and other tasks that need completing. The units are directly related to my position and therefore will enhance my career prospects as well as the Council benefitting from my experience.

I am also completing ICT and English Functional Skills Level 2, which will give me two more qualifications. So it all looks great on my CV.

I am lucky to have an incredibly supportive family as well as my colleagues, without whom this journey would be impossible.

I have recently handed in my first two assignments and am currently waiting for feedback which I hope will be positive. Only eleven more to go!

In the words of Han Solo, about his beloved Millennium Falcon, “She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts kid”.