6 months in…

Shannon Veck

Mar 3 2017

Shannon Veck

I am now 6 months into the Level 3, and life couldn’t be better. My work is going great, my course work is getting approved. We’ve started with the mandatory units. I was over the moon when my first unit got approved. I often meet with my new peers at the weekend; we have become very close friends.

Work is interesting. As part of some recent team building work, I organised an activity based on the energy we use as a team. This was anything from computers to kettles. The main aim was for my colleagues to identify how much we use and how much is wasted. Since this activity, we have saved more energy.

I have now picked my optional units and look forward to the’ buddy a colleague’ unit. We have a few new starters in the team, so this should be perfect! Hampshire Futures has provided me with extra English support. This is great as I can now see a major difference in my written language. It has also improved my working life; my emails are much more formal.

I have also started maths, to work towards my Level 2 functional skills. It is not like school at all. It is a lot more supportive and interactive. My maths tutor is lovely and I can already tell she is going to have me flying through my exam.

Overall, I would highly advise that if you’re considering an apprenticeship, go for it! It has really turned my life around for the better and I can’t wait to receive my 3rd diploma in Business Admin.