Pyjama Days

Suzanne Radband

Jan 26 2018

Pyjama days

I started my Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship in October this year.

I have been working in the library service for just over 4 years.  I am 51 years old and the eldest in my group. After much thought I decided to go and take the plunge and start the Apprenticeship, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to learn.  So far I have learnt so much and I am really enjoying the challenge.

The last time I did any form of study was 30 years ago, so saying I am a bit rusty is an understatement.

I am enjoying the opportunity although my brain is wondering what has hit it; along with other parts of me that are not used to sitting for such a long time. It’s lucky I am part of a lovely class. We have a WhatsApp group and support each other offering help, advice and encouragement.

However, during the workshop sessions I find myself looking around the room, wondering whether my face looks as blank as some of my fellow apprentices. It reminds me of my old school days, when the teacher would give us an assignment and ask if we all understood, we would of course say “yes” but not have a clue.

I often feel like I am treading water, until my study days where everything starts to fall into place and my copious amount of notes begin to make sense.

During these lovely quiet study days, I stay in my pyjamas, I do have a shower and then put my pyjamas on, just in case anyone was wondering if I am smelly! I sit with a cuppa, my fluffy slippers on my feet, the heating set to high, laptop in place and the learning begins.

I am learning so much which I can share with my colleagues and of course my husband, who is now an authority on business communication having aided me with proof reading.  So many others learning from me.  I am looking forward to continuing with the course and working alongside the other lovely apprentices and tutors.