What's next?

Victoria Hanaghan

Feb 9 2018


Almost a year of my apprenticeship has gone by, I remember at the beginning thinking I’ve got so far to go I don’t need to even think about the next chapter of my life; but its right around the corner now.

There is no position for me to take on a permanent role in Hampshire Registration Service, except as a maternity cover. I decided not to go for this cover position as I want to branch out into my desired industry in property design. I have been browsing the Hampshire County Council job page to see what other opportunities are available and also looking on external job sites to see what is out there.

Am I supposed to know what I want to be doing for the rest of my life? I mean I know what I enjoy but are you supposed to mix business and pleasure? I can smell the freshly washed and ironed shirts that I will be pulling out ready for interviews already.

During my apprenticeship I have learnt new things to benefit me in the job application and interviewing process; the presentation task boosted my confidence and ability to answer on the spot questions and since the start of the year my aim was to improve on my professional vocabulary, I have since developed this goal and will continue to so that I have a professional voice in my career.

I have started updating my CV and saving job vacancies but the thought of starting again somewhere as the ‘newbie’, having to learn all new systems and ways of day to day life at work is making me feel a bit queasy. I have met such amazing people in the Registration Service and learnt so much; how anything out there can compete I am not sure! I am getting into the mind set of accepting new challenges that are coming my way and when I am ready I will welcome those challenges with open arms but for now I shall enjoy my last few months at Hampshire Registration Service in the Fareham Registration Office.