The beauty of Hampshire

Victoria Hanaghan

Jun 9 2017

The beauty of Hampshire

I’ve always loved driving ever since I passed my test, so I usually drive to places avoiding public transport; and that’s how I choose to get to my apprenticeship day in Winchester from Gosport.

I try to avoid travelling on the motorway to my apprenticeship day because it’s just such a drag and that is not a good start to a day of learning!

The countryside route is so beautiful going through Bishops Waltham and Morestead. Hills upon hills going up and down the roads; it is as if I got onto a rollercoaster to get there. As you come down the hills you see the beautiful landscape that sweeps across every window like a framed picture hanging up in my car.

Over the past few months of learning the route to and from home using these roads, I have been lucky enough to watch the landscape change throughout the seasons so far which makes my commute that bit extra fascinating.

I’m so fortunate enough to be able to travel to Winchester each week to learn and then see just a small part of the beauty that is Hampshire!