Why choose an apprenticeship?

Zina Mohn

Mar 17 2017

When I left school, I was really unsure about what I wanted to do; I knew I wanted to go on to college and complete A Levels, however I never knew exactly which subjects or courses to choose. As a result of this, I then decided to choose a variety of subjects, which were Media, Business, Psychology and German, in order to give me an insight into what I might enjoy. Immediately my two favourite subjects were Business Studies and Media and I knew that once I’d finished college these were the areas I wanted to specialise in. As I never had any proper work experience and was still a little unsure, I was not ready to commit to going to University and I soon realised that an apprenticeship was the perfect alternative for me.

Combining work and further learning as well as earning money at the same time sounded great to me! When I started searching for available apprenticeships, the Hampshire County Council programme stood out to me and I decided to apply. I knew at the time of applying that the Level 2 apprenticeship programme, which was the only one on offer at the time, would be fairly straightforward for me because I’d just completed a Level 3 equivalent Business course at college. However, the reason why I still decided to apply and accept the position is because I was eager to gain some work experience in a business and office environment and this is the great benefit with apprenticeships.

A good apprenticeship programme allows on the job training and helps people like me figure out what they enjoy doing. At the same time, it also allows for further learning and progressing in the workplace.

After successfully completing the level 2 apprenticeship, I then progressed onto the level 3 course. This course is a little more challenging for me and is similar to the qualification I completed at college. I’m very happy with the choice I made initially, because whilst doing the slightly easier apprenticeship programme, I was able to pick up skills in the workplace and I have now had the work experience and also moved onto a higher level programme.
I think an apprenticeship is perfect for anyone who is slightly unsure about what they’d like to do as it allows for development and continuous learning as well as experience in the workplace.