How we help

We can help if you are struggling to get into work, education or training

What we do
  • Help you realise your skills and abilities
  • Talk to you about the kind of work you would like to do
  • Help you to look and apply for jobs and apprenticeships
  • Support you with application forms and CV’s
  • Help you find training courses
  • Help find the right opportunities for you
  • Keep in touch once you have found something to make sure everything is OK

Need to get in touch? Contact us by phoning 01962 846193.

Keep in touch

Have you had a call or a letter from us recently? and wondered why?

Part of our job is making sure we know what you’re up to after you’ve left school. By law you have to stay in education, employment or training up until the age of 18. We have to keep a record of what you’re doing for the government, and it helps us find out who needs some support. So if you get a call from one of us, that’s why!

Please let us know what you’re up to, and whether you need any help.