Tuning In - Summer Festival 2020

Join in with an exciting summer of virtual music activities and projects from Hampshire Music Service!

May 22 2020

Tuning In - Summer Festival 2020

Throughout the summer term, join us for the Tuning In summer festival. With something for all ages, this virtual festival will keep you busy and making music! Keep visiting this page for the latest on offer and for instructions on how to get involved.

Virtual Recital Feedback

Have you been working hard on a particular piece of music? We would love to hear it! Submit a recording of your performance to us to receive positive and encouraging feedback from our panel of instrumental and vocal experts.

Submit your performance

Play the Ukulele

This is a great activity to do with the whole family! Use these specially made resources to learn how to play the ukulele from scratch and even learn a number of songs, both traditional and pop. All you need is a ukulele and some enthusiastic participants. Enjoy!

Play the Ukulele

Sing A Capella!

Learn to sing a capella with this four-part song, specially written by the HMS vocal team. Use the tutorial video to learn one or more of the parts, then try out your new skills with the sing-along video!

Sing A Capella! Tutorial Video

Sing A Capella! Four-part Song

Play the Recorder 

This is one for the whole family to have a go at! Use these specially made resources to learn how to play the recorder from scratch. All you need is right here (except a recorder – you will need to get hold of one first). Enjoy!

Play the Recorder – Part One

Play the Recorder – Part Two

These resources can be used online or can be downloaded, which will enable the contents page links.

Body Percussion

Fancy trying your hand as a percussionist? You don’t need any equipment for this virtual body percussion ensemble performance! Simply follow the link below to sign up and receive instructions and get practising. Once you have perfected your body percussion skills, record yourself and send in the video and we will work some magic to turn it into a split screen performance. Please note the deadline for submissions is 30 June.

Body Percussion Project

Tuning In Challenge – 30 days of music

Get the whole family together to explore a different musical activity every day for a month. Have fun each day opening the pop-up on the calendar to find out what musical treats and surprises are in store! If you would like to share your achievements with us, please connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by tagging us @hantsmusichub and using the hashtag #tuninginwithHMS 

Tuning In Challenge

Advisory note to parents and guardians: there are many links to YouTube in the resource and although we have done our utmost to ensure that all the content is suitable for all ages to view, we have no control over the adverts or comments beneath the video clips so please be aware of this. Thank you.