Young Hampshire musician takes place in the National Youth Folk Ensemble

We celebrate an amazing achievement with Nina Smith, who has been offered a place in the National Youth Folk Ensemble

Oct 9 2018

Nina Smith, age 16, has joined the National Youth Folk Ensemble (NYFE) after much preparation to audition last term. A talented young violinist, Nina has played in Hampshire ensembles for a number of years, including the Hampshire Youth Folk Ensemble (HYFE).

Nina first joined HYFE as an opportunity to meet other like-minded musicians who have the same passion for traditional and modern folk music. Having learnt and developed many new skills as well as played in a variety of events including the Sidmouth Folk Festival and Music for Youth, Nina applied to audition for the NYFE.

"Before my audition I did a lot of research, and made sure that I found tunes that I loved, but that also showcased my playing.

"I am really looking forward to being in an ensemble with such a wide range of instruments!

"The tutors running the course are brilliant, and I feel so lucky that I’m able to be involved."

NYFE limit their numbers to 25 musicians, meaning Nina faced steep competition. This coming year, she will be attending rehearsals, courses and residentials with the ensemble at different locations across the country, continuing to develop as a highly skilled folk musician. When asked what she loved about playing with HYFE, Nina had the following to say:

"I just love the music that we play, and this is only enhanced when performing alongside friends that I have found through folk music."

Still an active member of HYFE, Nina encourages young musicians with an interest in folk music to get involved.

"If you have an interest in folk music, then make sure you get involved in any way possible."

"It is so much fun, and encourages young people to take an interest in folk music, which unfortunately isn’t always well recognised. You will have excellent tuition and have the chance to learn from your peers and develop your playing. Folk music is wonderful and it is such a brilliant opportunity to immerse yourself in the genre."

Nina Smith