Keyboard Festival catered for all young keyboard players and pianists

Masterclasses for pianists followed by keyboard play days in the north and south of Hampshire let young players come together to further their playing and make new friends

Mar 30 2017

Keyboard feestival

The keyboard festival programme started with a special afternoon in February at Winchester College School for grade/stage 1-5 and 6+ with Anthony Williams, head of Keyboard and Instrumental Music, Radley College.

Anthony studied at the Royal Academy of Music and has established an international reputation following success in international piano competitions and appearances around the world.

As a teacher, his pupils achieve notable success, including a concerto finalist in the BBC Young Musician. A number of attendees were subject of the masterclasses with a variety of styles and techniques visited.

In March and April Keyboard Play Days were organised for beginners to grade/stage 3, supported by our specialist teachers. Workshops were held before they formed a keyboard ensemble for an informal concert to family and friends at the end of the day. Bringing, what is normally seen as a solo instrument, into a group setting.

All events were fully booked well before the closing dates and their value was reflected in the response from parents:

We were so impressed with the workshop.  She really enjoyed herself and learned so much.  Thanks so much for arranging such a well thought out and well staffed workshop

I should like to thank all concerned for the excellent organisation and preparation that must have gone into the keyboard day. My [child] was very keen to attend and despite knowing very few of the participants thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the session


Young keyboard players are welcome to join our new First Access Andover Ensemble, which caters for keyboard players in an orchestral setting. For details see our Area Ensemble page.