Hampshire County Council Catering Services

30 years at HC3S

Take a trip though time and find out more about some of our longest-serving members of staff

Nicky Pearson - 24 years

School meals were much different then; these were the days of “Turkey Twizzlers”, “Fishy Feet” and the like. My how things have changed! I’ve seen so many changes over the years and I’m so impressed with the quality of the food offered now.

My favourite part of the post, even back then, was sharing my skills and developing my staff. It’s very rewarding, but still sad, when you see someone you employed as a Catering Assistant leave to run their own kitchen. I suppose it’s no surprise that when, 15 years later, I was offered the opportunity to become a member of the training team that I jumped at it.

Now as Skills and Standards Manager I have more of a strategic role, developing the materials our staff use in induction and training. Part of this has included becoming a Senior Allergy Advisor and completing an overhaul of the induction process which now means our induction meets the LACA (Lead Authority Caterers Association) Professional Standards for school caterers.

Looking to the future I always want to offer training to our teams that give them the skills necessary to develop the organisation and take us forward another 30 years.

Nicky Pearson