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Our food

Local, fresh and affordable - find out why we are so proud of the food we serve

Our food

Here at HC3S, we take our corporate social responsibility seriously. We use seasonal ingredients that are sourced locally to produce the best quality meals. This goes hand in hand with the high customer service standards expected from our 1,800 employees.

We work with suppliers to source bespoke and responsible products for our menus. We hold the Good Egg, Good Chicken and Good Pig awards from Compassion in World Farming.

We do not produce meals that travel lengthy food miles or have been prepared far in advance. This helps us to ensure that meals are as fresh and nutritious as possible when they arrive with our customers.

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Suppliers and provenance

We go to great lengths to source the best local ingredients. Supporting British businesses in this way helps us to boost local economies, protect the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

We were also the first to receive a Compassion In World Farming award in recognition of our food sourcing achievements.

Press the buttons below to find out more about our work with local suppliers or read some of our favourite recipes. Get in touch to ask a question about the ingredients we use or to enquire about becoming a HC3S supplier.

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But don't just take our word for it

Our multi-award winning service excels time and again. With a track-record like this, you can trust every bite.

What our customers are saying about us

HC3S have had a very proactive approach to working with us, helping to minimise environmental costs and enabling us to achieve far greener credentials with storage and distribution hubs within 45 miles of our premises. Working relationships are managed and developed on a basis of trust and integrity and we are incredibly proud to be part of their supply chain.
Red House Foods, Amesbury
We first began working with HC3S in 2016 and were excited to be tasked with creating a gluten free chicken sausage and a gluten free beef meatball. Provenance of the meat is key to HCS3, as well as products that encourage inclusivity amongst the children
William White Meats, Purfleet
Our experience and impression of HC3S is of the highest order. There is a genuine desire amongst the team to provide the pupils with good quality food, while supporting and sourcing from local companies such as Vegetarians Choice. This is coupled with fair pricing and payment terms, as they understand the needs of manufacturers.
Vegetarian’s Choice, Ringwood