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Suppliers and provenance

Find out more about our commitment to responsibly sourced local food

Suppliers and provenance

We like to work with suppliers who care about animal welfare, sustainability and meeting the special dietary requirements of our customers. Take a look at the headings below to find out more about our partners and the ingredients that go into our food.

Dairy and eggs

All our eggs are free range and farmed to Laid In Britain standards. They are sourced locally from Fordingbridge in Hampshire and Sixpenny Handley in Dorset. Hampshire County Council was the first local authority to receive the Good Egg Award from Compassion in World Farming.

Our mature cheddar cheese comes from Wyke Farms in Somerset and is made from the milk of cows farmed on lush green pastures. Wyke Farms sources from 68 farms in Somerset, 22 in Dorset, 9 in Wiltshire, and 1 in Devon.

Our egg suppliers out in the field

We source grated mild cheddar cheese from master cheesemaker Lye Cross Farm. All milk used by Lye Cross is from within the Cheddar area.

All our kitchen milk comes from southern England or south Wales. Some is from Hampshire dairy farms and processed locally in Southampton. Our flavoured milk is produced by one of Ireland’s largest farmer owned dairy cooperatives.

Yeo Valley

"We’ve been farming in the beautiful Yeo Valley since 1961, when the Mead family first bought the farm here in Blagdon. Today we are the largest family-owned dairy business in the UK, with 1200 acres of farmland and 420 award-winning British Friesian cows.

Yeo Valley

"The food we produce is organic and we are proud to say that we go the extra country mile to look after our land and livestock and we always strive to do the right thing. Supporting British Family Farms is at the heart of everything we do, which includes buying British produce where we can. We make everything from yogurts, butter and cream to compote, ice-cream and children’s products and we’re the UK’s largest organic brand.

"When it comes to kids, we put in extra effort to make sure we are doing our best for their future. To help children flourish from an early age, we believe it’s vital to fill them with the right amount of nutrients; that’s why we worked with HC3S to devise 80g fruited yogurts for the schools market. This amount contains less than 11g of sugar, which is the standard set by Public Health England and is made at our nut free production facility.

"As we use British organic milk and organic fruit, you can trust there is nothing artificial in our yogurt which is important to HC3S. Our products also count towards ‘Food for Life’ accreditation. Most of all, we have pots to suit all appetites; our 80g and 120g offerings are ideal for teens and adults too."

New Forest Ice Cream

"New Forest Ice Cream is a family company which was founded in Hampshire in 1983 to produce high quality, local ice cream.

New Forest Ice Cream

"New Forest provide ice cream for the Hillier Gardens, including The Courtyard Café, The Tilia Tree Café and The Garden Restaurant."

Fluffetts Farm

"We are small independent producer and packer, dedicated to supplying the best quality, fresh free range eggs to wholesale and retail partners in the local Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire area.

"Our contract to supply HC3S began in 2008 and has grown to become a significant proportion of our sales. We pack for HC3S in cases of 60 eggs and in boxes of 18 eggs which we deliver bi-weekly.

Fluffets Farm

"For a small producer, the benefits of working with HC3S as a reliable and credible customer, has given us the confidence to grow our business, investing in premises, plant and people.

"As a result of supplying HC3S, we felt the confidence to join the Laid in Britain audit scheme and also finance two upgrades of our egg sorting machines over the last eight years. Whilst we are still a micro-producer on the grand scale of the egg market, we now feel capable of thinking of the future in much bigger terms.

"Looking forward, we hope to expand our egg production and continue to grow the business and often reference our positive relationship with HC3S when talking to new customers. We very much look forward to continuing to work with HC3S and feel we are well positioned to meet the demand for high quality fresh local produce with a short cost-effective supply chain."

Watch the hens enjoying foraging and dust bathing in Hampshire’s New Forest

Lyburn Cheese

Yeo Valley

Lyburn Farm, on the Northern edge of the New Forest, makes a variety of different handmade cheeses, all of which are made with our own cow’s milk. We have worked with HC3S at Sir Harold Hillier’s Gardens and Hampshire County Council for approximately 15 years.

Although they are pressed, these artisan cheeses are in general, a softer and a more continental type of cheese than cheddar cheese, with the exception of Old Winchester.


Diced beef and beef used in our meatballs is sourced wholly from the UK and is farmed to Red Tractor or Quality Meat Scotland standard. Red tractor minced beef comes from South Cambridgeshire.

Red Tractor chicken breast Fillets are sourced from various sources in England and Wales. Cooked diced chicken is also from British Red Tractor farmed poultry, and is prepared in a Grade A BRC factory.

Pigs in mud

HC3S has a Good Farm Animal Welfare Award for its commitment to use higher welfare farmed chicken. Our raw diced chicken comes from free range East Anglian farmed poultry and the meat in our UK Red Tractor chicken grills comes from south-west England farmed birds and has our specifically developed wheat and gluten free coating. 

For other non-schools sites, the main fresh meat butcher is Portsmouth-based and offers a fully traceable range that includes a ‘Southern Pride’ list sourced from Southern England. The butcher has the Quality Standard Mark Scheme accreditation administered by AHDB Beef and Lamb.

Hampshire holds the Compassion in World Farming Good Pig Award. The awards programme works by recognising and rewarding various sectors for working in a sustainable and responsible way.

HC3S sources pork that is Freedom Foods (RSPCA approved) which ensures the following:

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst
  • Freedom from discomfort
  • Freedom from pain, injury or disease
  • Freedom to express normal behaviour
  • Freedom from fear and distress

Pork loin slices are sourced in the UK from UK reared RSPCA-approved Pork. Sausages are made using English sourced RSPCA-approved pork, made to a BPEX Gold Award winning Southern Pride recipe. Our back bacon and sliced ham is now also made from RSPCA-approved pork.

William White Meats

"William White Meats supplies high quality meat to caterers and establishments throughout London and the UK. We combine the skill and passion of traditional butchery with innovative and precise manufacturing methods, providing exceptional quality products to customers of all sizes.

William White

"We first began working with HC3S in 2016 and were excited to be tasked with creating a gluten free chicken sausage and a gluten free beef meatball. Provenance of the meat is key to HCS3, as well as products that encourage inclusivity amongst the children, hence the creation of Red Tractor gluten-free products that can be served to each and every child.

"The team are a pleasure to work with, always engaged with the process and keen to give their feedback in order to get the final product just right.

Phat Pasty Company

"In November 2017 HC3S launched its British Farm Assured Pork sausage roll developed by the Phat Pasty Company and aimed at secondary and junior school menus – meeting school food standards. The rolls provide a good level of protein, meeting 2017 Salt Guidelines and Food for Life (FFL) bronze credentials.

Phat Pasty Co.

"Secondary schools have a 6” size (120g) which bakes to 110g and meets all guidelines within the pastry provision allowance, while the primary/junior schools have a smaller 4” sausage roll (90g) and baking to 80g. We have worked closely with local suppliers to find the best possible produce to meet the needs of all children who want a school lunch.

"We are committed to using British produce and are delighted that the sausage roll is already proving popular with pupils."

Green Gourmet

"Green Gourmet provide us with succulent gluten free chicken breast fillet portions made with British Red Tractor chicken so we are assured of full traceability form farm to fork.

Green Gourmet

"Free from artificial colours and low in saturated fat, this is a balanced and nutritious chicken breast that we use for our popular roast chicken days.

"Green Gourmet have won the Queen's Award for Innovation winner in 2017 for developing consistently sized, ethically sourced chicken and turkey portions for schools."

Solent Butchers

"Solent Butchers are a proud family business established in 1984 which began life as a retail outlet in Portsmouth, providing local customers with exceptional service and offering them high quality meat products. Today, Solent Butchers is a well-respected catering butchers, providing chefs and foodservice operators with those same exacting standards of customer service and premium quality cuts of meat.

Solent Butchers

"Solent Butchers are proud to have worked alongside HC3S over a number of years helping them promote local sourcing. We know that HC3S strive to provide the best possible food for pupils and students across Hampshire as they cater for a diverse range of needs. All products go through a careful selection process, identifying not only the specific needs of the customer but also supporting and promoting the local economy. Our ham, bacon and pork used in sausages have enabled them to achieve Good Pig Awards from Compassion in World Farming."

Uptons of Bassett

Uptons of Bassett logo

Multi-award winning butchers, Uptons of Bassett, supply our sausages, pies and faggots at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens new Garden Restaurant. As one of the south’s premier butchers who pioneered a spirit of traditional quality with a commitment to fulfilling modern animal welfare concerns, their local, free range products made from quality breeds ensure an outstanding taste.


We make sustainable seafood choices so you can be sure that all the fish served by HC3S are caught sustainably. We are committed to working with suppliers who abide by sustainable methods of catching the fish you eat.

Millions of people depend on fish for food and for their livelihood - it’s great that people are eating more fish than they used to. However, lots of fish is caught by destructive methods, which means that the world is at risk of losing some species from our seas forever.

Fish in a tray

We never use fish on the marine conservation society ‘fish to avoid’ list. We offer locally-caught trout battered in local ale and fish and chips are one of the nation’s favourite. You can find these dishes and more on our menus. And in schools, our bubble-coated salmon is a fantastic way of encouraging children to eat fish and get the omega 3 they need.

Even our school favourite Friday dish of fish and chips offers nutritional benefits; made nearly entirely from natural products, they are high in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and fibre.

Young’s Food Service

Youngs logo

Young’s Seafood Limited is the UK’s leading fish and seafood business, inspiring consumers to love fish through its fresh, frozen, own-label and branded products. Proudly making delicious fish dishes for over 200 years, the company is home to the Young’s brand.

Young’s is a leading supplier of seafood to the hospitality industry offering an extensive portfolio of products through its Young’s Foodservice.

Young’s believes in doing the right thing by its people, planet and partners. Through its Fish for Life programme, it is dedicated to doing this in a responsible and sustainable manner that protects the industry and the environment.

The fishfingers they supply for HC3S’ primary and secondary menus are the Omega 3 range, made with Pollock fillet which is taken from the closest part to the skin of the fish. This means there’s a high concentration of Omega 3 in the meat which benefits the health of pupils and students.



ChalkStream®️ trout are reared locally on the River Test and River Itchen in Hampshire, on farms that have been in existence since the 1970’s. The quality of the trout produced for ChalkStream®️ is directly related to the quality and high flow rates of the water on the farms. Similar to terroir in wine, it is the pure chalk stream water that gives our fish their unique, clean taste.

Slow grown over two years in fast flowing chalk stream water, ChalkStream®️ trout are raised in conditions as close to the wild trout of the Test and Itchen as is possible to create.

ChalkStream®️ trout are grown to high standards of welfare, food safety, environmental and ecological care and we are proud to hold the endorsements of GlobalGap and QualityTrout UK both of which set worldwide standards for good practices at every stage of production, ecological care, animal welfare and food safety.

ChalkStream®️ are extremely proud to be supplying Sir Harold Hillier Gardens' restaurant. Few products can have accrued less food miles than these fish!

Gluten free

We work with suppliers to provide our customers with a wide range of delicious and healthy gluten free options.

Red House Foods

"Red House Foods is an independently owned gluten free factory serving the major UK supermarkets and food service with family favourite gluten free savoury products.

Red House Foods

"We have worked with HC3S for the last seven years producing coated chicken, fish and vegetable products for the schools’ market. We have always found HC3S to be an outstanding team to work with. There has always been a collaborative approach to product innovation and with this support, we are delighted that the quality and performance of our products has warranted the inclusion onto the whole school menu, rather than just offered to those on special diets.

"HC3S have had a very proactive approach to working with us, helping to minimise environmental costs, enabling us to achieve far greener credentials with storage and distribution hubs both within 45 miles of our premises. Working relationships are managed and developed on a basis of trust and integrity and we are incredibly proud to be part of their supply chain."


Tilda Brown and White basmati rice can play an important part in a pupils’ balanced diet. Naturally gluten-free, it has a 30% lower GI than standard white rice helping to maintain a flow of energy to help pupils concentrate throughout the day, as well as take part in all the activities they get to do at school so that they flourish.

Red House Foods

As the blend recommended by the School Food Standards, we are confident that we’re producing meal plans and tasty dishes that meet current targets for the right amount of nutrition. This blend of Tilda rice offers a range of vitamins and minerals important for pupils’ development which is why we have chosen it; we and Tilda believe that nutrition education starts at an early age so that children can develop good habits that will last them a lifetime and they’ll become healthy adults.

Vegetarian and Vegan

We always offer either a vegetarian or vegan option every day on our school menus. Our vegetable goujons are suitable for vegans and are wheat and gluten free. They are manufactured in Amesbury, Wiltshire. The vegetarian sausages are manufactured locally in Ringwood, Hampshire and are also suitable for a vegan diet. Quorn is sourced from Yorkshire.

Vegetarians Choice

"Vegetarian’s Choice is in our third decade of making vegetarian food, and have been delighted to supply HC3S for the past nine years. We started with a sausage, which in recent years we successfully converted to gluten free, and now provide other products including a seasonal sage and onion stuffing ball.

Vegetarians Choice

"Throughout this period, our experience and impression of HC3S is of the highest order. There is a genuine desire amongst the team to provide the pupils with good quality food, while supporting and sourcing from local companies such as Vegetarians Choice, and this is coupled with fair pricing and payment terms, as they understand the needs of manufacturers.

"Our time with HC3S has seen continual development in their practices, and this in turn, has brought advances in our company too; their constant striving to improve has been rewarded with a number of justifiable awards within the catering world.

"It is a relationship I hope I will see many more years together."


"Quorn have invested both time and effort to help provide a healthy alternative to a meat option in line with food trends. Quorn’s product range meets the stringent guidelines set out by local government to help provide a healthy and sustainable protein. By doing so we have become accredited with both Carbon Trust and Food for Life supplier schemes which we believe are essential to help local authorities achieve their sustainability goals.


"For over ten years, we have worked in tandem with Hampshire County Council Catering Services (HC3S) to help provide a unique product range which offers both a healthy and nutritious food choice for both pupils and staff.

"I would endorse any engagement in developing business with HC3S."

Heinz Baked Beans

Heinz beanz have no added sugar and 25% less salt than standard baked beanz. Their authentic taste in a rich tomato sauce makes them a staple that we offer our pupils as part of our weekly menu and one of their five a day. Naturally high in protein and fibre and naturally low in fat, they are a great addition on the side of our main meals with plenty of goodness to help children flourish. HC3S have saved around 2.5 million teaspoons of sugar and over 65 million calories (equiv. to 115,000 Big Macs!) buying Heinz No Added Sugar Beans instead of their previous beans in just 1 year. This clearly shows a fantastic health benefit for all the children who eat school lunch at HC3S.

Heinz baked beans logo


Our drinks suppliers supply us with quality products produced sustainably from across Hampshire towns and countryside. They range from quality cask brewing, premium spirits and mineral water to independent tea blenders coffee roasters and juice producers.

Apple juice

Hill Farm

Customers at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens can sample the delicious fruit juice made by local independent suppliers Hill Farm Juice. A family business dating back to the 1970’s employing local staff, Hill Farm produces premium artisan Hampshire juice from the fruit grown in the Meon Valley, plus fruit farms at Leckford and Blackmoor. Only traditional English apples are used in their juices plus other locally grown ingredients such as blackcurrants, elderflowers and damsons. The only exception to this rule is the fresh root ginger in our apple and ginger juice as not much ginger grows in Hampshire!

Hill Farm drinks

As active members of Hampshire Fare, Hill Farm Juice actively promote the local economy and enjoy supplying local businesses.

“We are especially proud to be a supplier to Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, as our natural produce compliments the beautiful natural surroundings."

Mozzo Coffee

"In 2005 Grant Lang created the world’s first solar and wind powered art covered coffee cart after buying an Indian tuk tuk with a student loan cheque. It was from this small yet remarkable cart that the Mozzo® Coffee adventure began. Today you’ll find us at Mozzo World, Hampshire on a mission to help our partners like HC3S serve the best coffee possible, while having a little fun along the way.


"Mozzo is very proud to partner with HC3S, working together for the last decade to bring memorable coffee experiences through product, equipment and training support to their great repertoire of venues across Hampshire.

"Establishing the Community2Community Fund™(C2C Fund™) and the fixed contribution of 1p for every capsule and 5p for every kilo of coffee sold by Mozzo, is our way of ensuring that the choice made by all our partners to serve Mozzo coffee delivers a positive impact all the way through the coffee value chain. The fund sets out to initiate and support the constructive progression of coffee farming communities. Head to C2Cfund.org to find out more about how we are working with our current partner community."

Winchester Distillery

Winchester Distillery logo

Twisted Nose, one of our gins on offer at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, is a vibrant celebration of provenance and place, crafted by Alresford-based Winchester Distillery, to capture the extraordinary natural habitat of where it’s made. The award-winning spirit is gently distilled with fresh, peppery watercress, supplied by a local family-run business who harvest by hand, year round from a selection of watercress beds on site, in, and around Alresford. To support and balance this flavour are nine other botanicals, including: lavender grown in the heart of Hampshire by our neighbours, Long Barn, and coriander seed from the South Downs. After distillation, the spirit is diluted to bottling strength using mineral-rich, chalk stream spring water, extracted from on-site boreholes.

Flack Manor Brewery

Yeo Valley

We are flattered to be included in The Garden Restaurant’s new menu and showcase our new iconic branding which was inspired by our unique double drop brewing process. The complementary and interconnected droplets represent the harmony and expertise of the brewery in combining the best ingredients to make better beers.

We are striving to reduce our carbon footprint buying local, and our Maris Otter barley the most revered, most celebrated, most famous barley in the world is being grown less than eight miles from the brewery from where it is then made into malt only thirty-seven miles away in Warminster. From grain to glass in less than 80 miles this truly helps to reduce our food miles. Whatever your beer style of choice you can always trust our beers to deliver excellence in every last drop.

Mr Whitehead's Cider

Hill Farm drinks

We source our apple juice from a local Alton-based maker.
The fruit used is sourced from Mr. Whitehead’s own orchard in Colemore in the Heart of Hampshire. Several apple varieties are grown and used which means children can experience the taste of different apple juices as the year progresses, contributing to their understanding of seasonal growing.

Fruit and vegetables

Local fruit and vegetables are extensively used when in season and include apples and pears, peppers, squash, sweetcorn, courgettes, beans, onions, asparagus, rhubarb, cabbages, cauliflowers, spring greens, leeks, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions, lettuce, soft fruit, potatoes and watercress.

Isle of Wight tomatoes

Some bananas are Fairtrade, when available. Most frozen potato products are sourced from McCain Foods, who is a leading member of the Red Tractor Assurance Scheme which promotes sustainable, environmentally responsible farming in the UK.

McCain Foods

We count on McCain Foods to help us serve great tasting chips and wedges to 75,000 pupils.

We use a range of McCain products, they look and taste fantastic and hold really well, so we know the product quality is really good when it reaches the plate.

As wedges and chips are pupil favourites, it’s even more important that pupils are happy and waste is minimal because they’re enjoying the food.

As caterers, we are happy to work with McCain’s because our kitchen teams know they can serve good quality food that with ease that is consistent across all kitchens. The McCain products we use include Original Choice Mini Waffles, Simply Dice, Skin on wedges, Traditional Chips and Simply Wedges.

Fruit basket

Starting life as an independent greengrocer retail outlet, The Fruit Basket has developed into a flourishing wholesale business, FB The Wholesaler. As a family business, trading for 40 years, we aim to keep the personal touch and do everything possible to keep customers happy. The core values of quality, value and service are unchanged - we understand that if the quality is good, the price is right and customers are made to feel valued, our success will continue.

Passionate about supporting local growers, we source all we can locally not only looking to reduce our carbon footprint but knowing that this helps the local economy. Particularly good are the delicious Titchfield strawberries and the fabulous tomatoes from Nutbourne.

We are pleased to be working with HC3S to bring top quality fresh products to children across the county; sharing the same desire to develop healthy habits from an early age that will last a lifetime.

The Wholesaler logo

Heritage Fine Food

We are delighted to be working within a consortium with The Fruit Basket to deliver fresh fruit and vegetables to schools in Hampshire.

With over 40 years in the fruit and vegetable industry, The Heritage Fine Food Company are a SALSA certified business based in Coate, near Devizes in the heart of Wiltshire.

The roots of the business started with Ken Mortimer, Director who started as a grower in Bromham when he was 20 years old, eventually opening 37 greengrocery shops with his brother. The shops all closed in the 1990s as food shopping moved to out-of-town supermarkets. At this point Ken moved into wholesale supplying restaurants, cafes, care homes and schools.

Heritage Fine Foods continues to be a very family focussed business and care incredibly for their staff, community and ensuring the best possible service to their customers.

Heritage has a fantastic relationship with local growers, farmers, artisans and suppliers, sourcing a varied supply of seasonal and fresh produce throughout the year. Wherever possible Heritage will source produce from the Southwest or the UK, supporting local producers is extremely important. This helps to build more resilient communities, whilst supporting local food artisans and farmers alike.

Other suppliers