Hampshire County Council Catering Service

Primary themed food days

Supporting the curriculum with engaging and fun menus

Primary theme days

We hold theme days to fit in with what your child is learning at school. Even if your child doesn’t usually have a school lunch, why not get them to try one on a theme day and join in the fun?

We offer theme days throughout the school year and provide bright and colourful posters to advertise them to parents.

Not only do we have a range of theme days that are linked to festive celebrations such as Christmas or Saint Georges’ Day, but we work with schools to develop bespoke ones linked to the curriculum, such as Viking Day or Victorian Day. Theme days help the children learn about what life was like years ago or what people eat in other parts of the world.

We aim to create menus that fit the theme whilst ensuring that the children still get the right balance of calories and nutrition.

Arrange a theme day

If you work with a school and haven’t found the specific theme day that you are looking for, please speak to your unit manager. Get in touch to order promotional materials.

Theme day posters

Follow the links below to download theme day posters.