Hampshire County Council Catering Service

Building Sustainable Value

Working to reduce environmental impact, increase sustainability and maintain high ethical standards

Cutting packaging waste in primary schools

Cutting packaging waste in primary schools

We're working hard to cut packaging waste and reduce plastic in our primary schools. So what have we done so far?

Since April 2020, we've implemented lots of new alternatives to plastic

Stripey drinking straws

We've removed all tuck shop drinks cartons with straws

Christmas dinner on a sustainable plate

We use compostable sugar beet plates for primary school Christmas dinners

A white binder

Our kitchen staff keep a folder of tips on how to reduce plastic

World Oceans Day flyer

We've introduced no-plastic theme lunches, such as World Oceans Day

Desserts in sustainable cups

We serve desserts in containers that can be washed and reused

We work with our suppliers to reduce their use of plastic and to look for environmentally friendly solutions that meet our needs as responsible caterers. Watch this video to find out how the New Forest Ice Cream Company switched from plastic to cardboard tubs for our child-size ice cream.