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Educating pupils and parents about responsible food choices

The headteacher is very keen that children are grounded, can make informed decisions and understand that food choices have consequences. We organised cookery workshops in collaboration with Seafish ambassador, chef Martin Else from Dorset, and the award-winning meat supplier Green Gourmet.

More than 50 families participated in our cookery workshops, making a family meal that costs just £5 that they can recreate at home. Chef Martin took the first two sessions, making paella and smoked mackerel pâté. For the afternoon sessions the groups made a quick, easy and flavoursome chicken stir-fry.

The event was a huge success, with the school recording evidence through pupil interviews and conversations, and in children's mini-books.

Love British Food
The cooking workshop was brilliant. My mum cooked with me. The fish paste was hot, but I did try it. I tried everything. I never knew it would be so fun!
I have thoroughly enjoyed this. I’ve learnt so much and we have tried food that we wouldn't have cooked at home. We will definitely be doing this again.
Chef Martin showing children how to slice onions
Learning how to
chop an onion
Boy using a knife safely
Using a knife safely
Children stirring a paella
Stirring the paella