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Fluffetts Farm: Eggs without compromise

Fluffetts has supplied the finest eggs without compromising on the welfare of their chickens for the past 20 years. They believe genuine free range eggs should be produced the traditional way; by small carefully managed flocks.

Hens live on two independent family run farms on the edge of the Avon Valley in the New Forest where the girls lay their eggs, take shelter, have outside scratch areas and roost in airy well-ventilated mobile houses. Every day the hens are exposed to good pasture in a unique micro climate as they are free to explore acres of grassland on free draining gravel and chalk soils where air quality is very good.

Chickens in a field

Fluffetts Farm Managing Director Ben Jackson explains what it takes to produce a top quality, great tasting egg.

Fluffetts eggs are Laid in Britain quality which offers the highest standards of food safety and bird welfare. The eggs are hand collected twice a day and batch graded by date of lay to ensure customers always get the freshest eggs available. This means thousands of pupils across Hampshire eat the best possible eggs that are used as ingredients in the meals we serve.

Through working with HC3S, Fluffetts has managed to create a job each year, contributing to local employment. In 2008, HC3S was the first local authority to be awarded the Compassion in World Farming Good Egg Award as a result of sourcing Fluffetts free range eggs for 25 schools. And we continue to use them today for over 450 schools. Why? Because they are simply great tasting eggs!

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