Schools' writing competition

How to impact the planet by changing what you eat - Winning entries

Our creative writing competition provided the chance to win a £25 book token prize for the first place winner in each age range and their winning school will receive £150 bundle of books for their school library.

We invited all our primary age pupils to submit a work of fiction related to our theme of how what people eat affects the planet. Writers could interpret the theme in any way they chose, as long as their story had something to do with the theme.

The competition closed Friday January 31.

The winning entries and the judges comments

Congratulations to the winners of our Veganuary schools’ writing competition 2020. Thank you to all the children that took part. It was a tough decision but the winners are:
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Flash Fiction Category

Super Hero and Super Food by Marley Rich Age 6, Marchwood Infant School

The Superhero landed to applause after putting out a forest fire.

He said, “Thank you, but I may not always be here to save the day, the villain here is climate change and we must all do our part to avoid disaster. I get all my strength from fruit and vegetables to lessen the effect that eating meat has on the planet. You could all do your part and be Superheroes too, making small changes such as eating less meat and recycling more can make a big difference if we work together. Citizens, farewell… until next time.”

Judges’ comments

Good characterisation, context and vocabulary. I particularly liked the strong shared message that if we all make small changes, we can achieve a big impact.
I felt real drama from this fiction, it really made me stop and listen to the message.
Creates a great character to teach us about the issues. Sends a strong message and made me want to join the mission.
Excellent storytelling, encompassing not just healthy eating but a strong message about climate change. I can absolutely picture the Superhero!

Short Story

Be careful of what you eat!

By Isabella Thordarson, age 9 from Hordle CE (VA) Primary School & Nursery

“Daisy, it is time for your school camping trip!” Mum called.

“Wait, I am packing just the last things!” Daisy called back to her mum.

“Okay but hurry up!” Mum shouted. Daisy packed her last bits on her list and went downstairs with her luggage and her rucksack.

“Okay, you don’t really look like you are going on a trip but who cares; you need to get to school now!” Dad replied.

Daisy sneaked off to the kitchen to get a little snack to eat on the way and took out a little bit of beef. “This should be a tasty snack,” Daisy whispered. Daisy left the house and started walking to school. It was a very short walk, so she was at school in no time.

Daisy was waiting at the gate when her best friend approached her. “Hi, Daisy! Exited for the camp?” Kylie asked.

“Oh, yes I am! Are you exited for the camp?” Daisy asked.

“Of course!” Kylie answered.

As soon as Kylie said her last sentence the gates opened with a squeak. Daisy and Kylie went through the gates and went into their class. Everybody else where with their things for the camp. They were all ready to go.

Daisy and Kylie entered their class. In like ten minute’s time everybody was aboard the bus. Everyone was chattering while the bus started to move. In an hour they were at the camp in Minstead, and everyone ran off the bus.

“Team! Stop!” shouted Mrs. Embleton. “We are all going to make our lunches from the food we have over there, after we unpack our stuff. Right now I am going to announce your team mates Kylie and Daisy, Charlie and Daniel, Chloe and Scarlet, Freya and Libby, Thea and Adriana, Colette and Paullina, Will and Billy, Jude and Zackary, Jenson and Noah, Jack and Cody

“Horary, we are team mates!” Daisy shouted.

Everybody went to unpack, and Daisy and Kylie were the first ones to unpack. “Let’s go get lunch” Kylie suggested.

Daisy followed Kylie to the table and frowned. “There is no beef!” Daisy thought. “Why is there no beef, Kylie?” wondered Daisy.

“Switching to a plant- based diet can help fight climate change,” Kylie answered.

So instead Daisy put vegetables in her burger. When they were finished eating, they realised that it was time for bed, so they went to put their plates away and went to bed. Soon enough they were fast asleep.

At 7:00 o’clock they discovered that they had to go at 12:00 am so they went to have breakfast. After breakfast they started to pack their luggage and then they started to play. In one hour’s, time, Mrs. Embleton announced that they had to go. Miss Riddett finished the register, and everyone went aboard the bus to home.

As soon as she got home, she went onto the computer and started research about of what Kylie told her. She found out that beef has the biggest impact of climate change, which was a terrible shock to her. Daisy decided to stop eating beef burgers, she also wrote a poem about climate change to try to spread the message. Her friends and family members promised her to eat less beef and be more careful of what they eat. Daisy was happy that she could help the planet.


Icebergs are melting, something is happening. 
The air feels sticky when it is hot, I need to take shower a lot. 
Hurricanes are getting stronger; I need to stay indoors longer. 
Australia is on fire, the temperature is getting higher. 
Warmer ocean damages the coral reef, I really should eat less beef.

Judges’ comments

I was whisked away into that school trip with Daisy. What a time she had learning about beef and its impact on our climate. A super story.
Good use of dialogue to convey the healthy eating and climate change message. Lovely also to see a poem included.
Lovely storytelling and use of language.


Woman working

A new year brings new ideas and changes to what we do. How can you impact our planet by what you eat?

Entrants were encouraged to think about the following influences when they thought of what to write in their stories. These are:

  • Why they eat what they eat
  • What impact this has on the planet
  • What would they like to change about what food they, or others, eat


Terms and Conditions

Deadline: Friday January 31 at 5 pm.

  1. Previously published pieces are not eligible for submission and entries must be pupils’ own work. Please do not send multiple submissions even if you are enthusiastic!
  2. Winners consent to participate in any related publicity.
  3. Competition is open to children in all primary schools where HC3S provide catering.
  4. No changes can be made once entries have been submitted. The decision of the judges is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  5. Winners will be contacted by email and a notice published on Facebook within three weeks. Two school libraries will receive books to the value of £150. One winner from each age group will have an overall prize of £25. HC3S reserve the right to award runner up prizes in both age groups.


For every Mexican bean vegan roll eaten at school, Phat donate to the Word Forest Organisation - who plant trees, support communities and build classrooms for children and women in Kenya.


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