Eat Them To Defeat Them!

From February 24 through to the start of April, our primary schools are taking part in the national campaign, VEGPOWER

Headed up by the Food Foundation and ITV, children across the UK are on a mission to eat more vegetables with the battle cry ‘Eat Them To Defeat Them’.

We are joining the mission by inspiring children from an early age to change their food habits to try vegetables and enjoy them. School cooks and chefs have a vital role to play. We hope to help change their attitudes through the campaign to improve the diet of children for life.

Find out how to Liven up your Veg!

Eat them, to defeat them

  • Did you know?
  • 80%
  • of children do not eat enough vegetables

How HC3S are supporting the Veg Power Campaign this year

As our primary schools take part this year, each week we will focus on a family favourite vegetable on our tasting table during lunch as well as on the menu. We will reward children with stickers for tasting. We want to encourage children to try each of these vegetables three times so remember to join in at home.

The aim of the ten-year campaign is to encouraging children to eat their vegetables by defeating them!

In schools

Schools will be holding veg assemblies, using veggie lesson plans, posters and decorations to help bring it all together and there is a national poster competition too. Every child in a school taking part will receive a reward chart and sticker pack to take home.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more ideas on how you can encourage your children to sample new veg and to find out the latest news. So, help us build a sense of collective achievement.

Supermarkets are supporting the campaign too!

So look out for the veg of the week on offer to make it easier on your pocket.

Take a look at our recipes booklet to get you started with ideas


 Hasta la vista - Broccoli!

Monday 16 March to Sunday 22 March

Where does Broccoli come from? - Infographic

Colour in some Broccoli!


 You can't hide, Tomatoes!

Monday 23 March to Sunday 29 March

Where do Tomatoes come from? - Infographic

Colour in some Tomatoes!


 You're stuffed, Peppers!

Monday 30 March to Sunday 5 April

Where do Peppers come from? - Infographic

Colour in some Peppers!


 It's time to face the heat - Sweetcorn!

Monday 9 March to Sunday 15 March

Where does Sweetcorn come from? - Infographic

Colour in some Sweetcorn!

 You're going down, Peas!

Monday 2 March to Sunday 8 March

Where do Peas come from? - Infographic

Colour in some Peas!