Eat Them To Defeat Them!

From February 28 through to 1 April, our primary schools are again taking part in the Eat them to defeat them national campaign

Join the fight

VegPower’s YouGov Survey demonstrated that more children in Hampshire found the campaign fun than the national average. This motivator helped make the programme a success.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage children to eat their vegetables by defeating them and hope they want to continue eating veg at home and at school!

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of children said they were more likely to eat their veg in school lunch


of schools and families enjoyed taking part

How HC3S are supporting Veg Power

Each week, our catering teams will offer tasting tables with the veg of the week for children to try in different ways. Our teams dress up and decorate the dining environment to make it extra special. We will reward children with stickers for tasting the veg so hopefully they will try something new or in a different way. We want to encourage children to try each of the vegetables each week. This proved really well in 2021 so we know it works.

Vegetable tasting table
Children making scary faces at broccoli

We’re measuring our food waste

As part of the campaign, some of our schools are measuring food waste to see if the campaign reduces the amount of waste produced at lunchtime and how much carbon emissions we produce. We are doing this in collaboration with our schools and involving pupil waste champions to enhance their learning. The data will be assessed and validated by the University of Loughborough.

Find out how they are doing!

Empty cartoon waste bin

In schools

Schools will hold veg assemblies, using veggie lesson plans and decorations to help bring it all together. Every child in a school taking part will receive a fun activity book to take home. We’ve also provided participating schools with quizzes aimed at children in Year R to Year 2 to extend their learning.

Schools’ competition

We are encouraging our schools that are taking part in Eat Them To Defeat Them to enter our competition to create the scariest vegetable character that they want to defeat. This may be a collage, a huge poster or even a model! Schools may ask parents to bring in recyclable craft such as egg boxes or cardboard tubes from home to help with making these creations, so start saving them up. It’s a good opportunity to talk about reusing and recycling at the same time.


Watch our fun cook-along videos featuring children from Barton Farm Primary Academy to see how you can defeat the veg of the week at home. It’s a great way of getting children involved!

You can also visit our recipes page

Games and quizzes

Remember to join in at home and help your child play our fun quizzes. And why not play our Who Am I game as a family? It also encourages thinking and communication skills.

Endeavour Primary School

HC3S catering team wowed VegPower with their creativity in the national Caterers’ Challenge in 2021

Endeavour Primary School in Andover pulled out all the stops to engage their pupils in the Eat Them To Defeat Them’ campaign and came runners up in the national competition for the second year running.

Find out more about Endeavour Primary School's challenge
Really enjoyed this year’s campaign! The children at my school were very excited about it and looked forward to Friday to try all the veg.
Catering staff

Anstey Junior School

Anstey Junior school's vegetable characters

Anstey Junior School really engaged their junior school pupils with their creative veg characters such as Captain Pea-Rot and his black-eyed peas, Sargent Pepper, Count Carrot, Uni-Corn, and the Hungry Tomato-Pillar.

Knights Enham Schools

Staff dressed up at Knights Enham school

Knights Enham Infant and Junior School catering teams went the extra mile with their dress-up costumes to amuse pupils. From supersized sweetcorn to peapods and peppers, this team took it in turns to be the veg of the week.

Talavera Infant School

Staff dressed up at Talavera Infant School

Talavera Infant School catering team related the amount of veg that the children ate each week of the campaign to a popular animal to engage them. 20kg was one clouded leopard!