Endeavour Primary School's Veg Power campaign

HC3S catering team wowed VegPower with their creativity in the national Caterers’ Challenge in 2021

Endeavour Primary School in Andover pulled out all the stops to engage their pupils in the Eat Them To Defeat Them campaign and came runners up in the national competition for the second year running.

The Caterer's Challenge encourages school chefs to create a vegetable display to 'inspire' the children in their school to try more vegetables. Our amazing catering team persuaded children to try the campaign vegetable of the week and succeeded in breaking down barriers by colourful dishes, decorated trolleys, instigating veg challenges of the week for pupils with games to match, and displaying all their vegetable artwork in the dining space. This was particularly challenging because 12 classes were still eating in classroom bubbles with two reception classes eating in the hall. So effectively, they provided two services.

Among the imaginative challenges planned and executed by the onsite HC3S team were:

  • colour in a veg poster or design a poster to win a seed kit in tomato week (KS1)
  • create a recipe on a poster for the kitchen team to make each week (KS2)
  • bean bag toss game to win a seed kit
  • sweetcorn skittles
  • carrot monsters – created at after-school club
  • dancing sweetcorn chemistry (popping them in vinegar to colour water)
  • a live Pea Monster visit to each classroom bubble during Pea Week
Children tasting vegetables
Pea risotto
Catering staff at Endeavour school