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A list of publications produced by the Hampshire Inspection and Advisory Service

The publications have been sorted by subject to make it easier for you to find the one you need.

If you would like to know more about the publications we produce or to order a publication, email the HIAS Publications Team at [email protected].


A framework for a primary geography curriculum - revised May 2021

This publication has recently been revised for 2021 to reflect the changes in the EYFS framework.

The publication contains a series of medium term plans linked to the geography National Curriculum and beyond, that form a framework to support primary schools with their planning and teaching of geography at KS1 and KS2. The framework aims to: develop geography skills in conjunction with learning geography knowledge and understanding in order to make connections; return to concepts, skills, vocabulary and content throughout the curriculum in order to deepen learning and support progress; and give geography a pedagogical identity that children recognise.

Price: HCC £40, external £45 +VAT (electronic)

Primary geography curriculum guide

Using the Primary geography curriculum guide will allow you to create a geography curriculum that is relevant, engaging and fascinating for the children in your school.

Primary geography curriculum guide

Price: HCC £30, external £35 + VAT (electronic)


A range of teaching packs, artefact boxes and books are available for purchase/loan from the History Centre.


A range of resources are available for purchase from the Mathematics Advisory Centre.


UPDATED for 2020: Supporting personal development learning – Guidelines for primary schools

A comprehensive set of guidelines which define the various components and requirements of personal and social development. It supports primary schools in identifying how their PSHE provision contributes to pupil achievement and school improvement, and provides practical guidance and support for teachers on planning, delivering and assessment.

Price: HCC £60, external £72


A range of teaching packs, artefact boxes and books are available for purchase/loan from the RE Centre.

Living Difference IV

The RE agreed syllabus for Hampshire, Portsmouth, Southampton and the Isle of Wight schools. Converter academies, multi-academy trusts and free schools in these areas are welcome to use this syllabus. Other local authorities and schools that wish to adopt this syllabus will need to obtain a license. Please contact Justine Ball [email protected] for more details.

Further information for other local authorities and schools

Further information for purchasing a license


Safety in science at Key Stages 1 and 2

Through an approach of risk assessment, these guidelines (updated in September 2020) help science teachers to identify potential risks and to plan activities to minimise risks. Describes the process of risk assessment and includes detailed safety guidance cards for each aspect of the scheme of work.

HCC maintained school: PDF download - Free, Printed - £25

External schools: PDF download - £20, Printed - £45