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Getting hold of the resources

The RE Centre uses the Courier Service to distribute resources to all subscribers in Hampshire, Southampton and Portsmouth. Requests can be made via an online form.

For subscribers who wish to collect and return resources in person, we strongly advise that you should telephone before you visit – the RE Centre is sometimes used for meetings or may be closed due to staff absence.

Subscription arrangements

Resources are available at reduced rates to schools that subscribe to the HIAS curriculum centre scheme. To check your school's subscription status, phone 01962 863134.

Ordering resources

You will need the title and reference number of the resource to complete the RE Centre online order form.

Hampshire County Council schools – please forward a copy of the completed online form to your finance officer who will need to send us an internal trading document. Email the internal trading document to, or we will be unable to complete your order.

Downloadable catalogues

2020 Primary RE publications catalogue

Living difference III

The RE agreed syllabus for Hampshire, Portsmouth, Southampton and the Isle of Wight schools. Converter academies, multi-academy trusts and free schools in these areas are welcome to use this syllabus. Other local authorities and schools that wish to adopt this syllabus will need to obtain a license. Please contact:

View further information about Living Difference III for other local authorities and schools purchasing a license.

Price for printed copies: Hampshire maintained schools £30; Portsmouth, Southampton and Isle of Wight schools £50.

Challenging prejudice

A cross-curricular secondary teaching and learning pack which challenges prejudice and discrimination using the experience of the Gypsy ethnic group as a case study. Provides a scheme of work and range of detailed lesson plans (also on CD).

Price: HCC £35, external £40 (excluding VAT)

RE publications

*Non-Hampshire maintained schools such as academies and those within Southampton and Portsmouth will receive an invoice.

Ref Key Stage Title Subscribers £ Non-subscribers £ *
RE047 KS3 NEW Judaism for KS3 (concepts: Torah, tradition, Israel, remembrance) 22.00 57.00
RE046 KS1 NEW Teaching Christmas at KS1 (three units) 22.00 55.00
RE045 Primary NEW Teaching RE creatively with Living Difference III 25.00 60.00
RE042 KS1 NEW Sikhism at Key Stage 1 (concept: special; four units) 20.00 55.00
RE043 KS2 NEW Sikhism at Key Stage 2 (concepts: identity, wisdom, service; three units) 20.00 55.00
RE041 KS1/KS2 NEW How to manage RE effectively in KS1 and KS2 30.00 65.00
RE40 KS2 NEW Islam for Key Stage 2 (includes DVD) (concepts: belonging, umma, ritual and peace) 30.00 65.00
RE005 Primary Collective worship in county schools 15.00 50.00
RE017   Making judgements about progress in RE 20.00 55.00
RE021 FS RE in the Foundation Stage (concept: celebrating birthdays, celebrating new life, celebration, power and special) 15.00 50.00
RE023   Special clothes (concept: special) 15.00 50.00
RE025 FS/KS1 Stories Jesus told (concept: storytelling) 15.00 50.00
RE012   The festival of Holi (concept: remembering) 15.00 50.00
RE007   Easter for infants (concepts: celebration, welcoming and sad and happy) 20.00 55.00
RE013   Janmashtami (Krishna’s birthday) (concept: remembering) 15.00 50.00
RE028   Water for KS1 (concept: precious) 15.00 50.00
RE026 KS1 Story (concept: story) 15.00 50.00
RE022   Shabbat (concept: remembering) 15.00 50.00
RE001 KS1/KS2 Angels (concept: angels) 15.00 50.00
RE002   Change and transformation (concepts: change and transformation) 15.00 50.00
RE009   Harvest (concepts: thankfulness, celebration and bread as a symbol) 20.00 55.00
RE020   Passover (concepts: remembering and freedom) 18.00 53.00
RE006 KS2 Creation for KS2 (concept: creation) 15.00 50.00
RE039   Easter for KS2 (concepts: changing emotions, suffering, resurrection) 20.00 55.00
RE008   God talk (concept: God) 15.00 50.00
RE010   Hindu festivals: Divali and Mahashivratri (concepts: good and evil and devotion) 18.00 53.00
RE015   Jewish festivals: Sukkot and Hannukah (concepts: ritual and symbol) 18.00 53.00
RE019   Myth (concept: myth) 15.00 50.00
RE024   Stones as symbols 15.00 50.00
RE027   Synagogue (concepts: identity, ritual and authority) 20.00 55.00
RE004   Teaching Christmas at KS2 (concepts: light as a symbol, warning and interpretation) 20.00 55.00
RE003   The Christian story (concept: salvation) 15.00 50.00
RE038   Trees (concept: symbol) 15.00 50.00
RE036   Water for KS2 (concept: ritual) 15.00 50.00
RE037   Water for KS2 (concept: symbol) 15.00 50.00
RE014 KS2/KS3 Jesus through art (includes picture pack and CD-ROM) (concepts: imagery/icon and love/Agape) 30.00 65.00
RE011   The Hindu temple (includes DVD) (concepts: devotion/Bhakti and ritual/Darshan) 30.00 65.00
RE016   Leadership and prophethood (concepts: leadership and prophethood) 15.00 50.00
RE044 KS3 Islam at KS3 (concepts: Islam, umma, jihad, tawheed and shirk) 22.00 57.00
RE035 KS3 World War 1 (on CD) (concepts, conflict, conscience and consequence) 22.00 57.00
RE033 KS3 Mexican days of the dead (on CD) 22.00 57.00