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HIAS exists to promote and sustain continuous improvement in the standards achieved by pupils and students and in the quality of their education.


We share your passion for delivering the best possible education for your pupils. Schools are focused on a programme of sustainable improvement to raise the standards of achievement and we can support this process at every stage. We are committed to helping schools improve the quality of teaching and learning.

Our consultancy and inspection services are tailored to each individual school, based upon in-depth discussions and careful observation, and are highly relevant to the needs of your practicing teachers.

From whole-school management through to staff development and training, our services are designed to ensure the maximum benefits to your pupils with the overall aim of improving outcomes for all.

Hampshire schools can sign up to the HIAS Service Level Agreement (April 2017) which enables access to our services at a reduced cost.

HIAS Subscription offer for Academies and non-Hampshire maintained schools – Commencing 1 April 2017

Curriculum updates

Compiled by Hampshire inspectors and advisers, the curriculum updates share examples of high-quality good practice to keep you up to date with subject or whole-school issues.

The benefits of subscribing are:

  • curriculum updates are a cost-effective means of getting top-level advice
  • issued twice a year, they contain the latest ideas, thinking and information
  • sent to you in electronic format for ease of sharing amongst colleagues
  • subscriptions are available for all curriculum updates or for individual titles
Curriculum resource centres

Based in Winchester, the HIAS Curriculum Centres offer teaching resources for loan and purchase, artefacts, reference libraries, curriculum advice, venues for workshops and curriculum planning.

  • History Curriculum Centre
  • Mathematics Advisory Centre
  • County Religious Education Centre
  • Rights and Diversity Education Centre

Our extensive range of curriculum packs, resources and artefact loan boxes is also available to non-Hampshire schools; there is an additional charge per item for schools that do not subscribe to this service.


A cost effective solution to support school improvement.

Following a major redesign of our HIAS Moodle sites, we are launching a brand new annual subscription service for schools. Moodle+ offers access to a wide range of high quality resources for subject leads and teachers for all key stages in Primary and Secondary. Our Moodle+ resources will:

  • help schools to continually improve outcomes for learners
  • complement and challenge current practice
  • provoke review of pedagogical thinking in the teaching of all subject fields
  • provide aids that can be used directly in classroom practice.

Our aim is to support sustainable improvement in the outcomes and quality of provision in every school. Focused professional learning is a proven strategy to get the very best from every member of staff so that they have impact on every child’s achievement. It is our intention to provide you with a wide range of opportunities to work with us and realise that potential impact.

Our professional learning programmes are designed to challenge and support all leaders and teaching or support staff, and at every stage in their career development, to build their capabilities, confidence and resilience. Our highly skilled practitioners have the appropriate experience and skills to make a difference when staff are preparing for the challenges of a new role, taking those positive first steps or looking to enhance their experience by digging deeper.

Subscription gives an entitlement to a discount of up to 20% against the full price booking of most Directory courses.