Foundation degrees

Taking a foundation degree course to help you reach qualified teacher status

If you need to get a degree to enable you to access teacher training and prefer to do so whilst remaining in your current job and studying part time you may wish to consider foundation degrees with BA top up or the Open University. Foundation degrees work best if you wish to work in primary schools. Secondary school teacher training providers are likely to want at least 50% of your degree to be in the subject you intend to teach which is where the flexibility of the Open University comes in.

Support staff can study while working to gain a foundation degree and follow up BA Honours (top up) which can lead on to initial teacher training for candidates with relevant GCSE passes. Foundation degrees take between 2 and 4 years and BA Hons (top-up) 1 to 2 years depending on provider. The courses are a mixture of university and work-based learning and usually require attendance at university one day a week or evenings depending on provider.


Tuition fees are in the region of £4000 per year, but there are no upfront tuition costs. Students from the UK/EU who have not studied for a degree before can apply for a student loan for each year of the course. This is repaid only once the student is earning or has a pension of more than £21000 a year.

Local providers

Most providers will hold open days/evenings for potential students. Contact local providers for further details.