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Withdrawal of selected Schools IT services

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About Hampshire Services for Schools IT

Hampshire Services Schools IT have over 20 years experience of providing market-leading IT services to over 500 Hampshire schools and academies, other public sector organisations and our own staff

Our teams have vast knowledge and experience of delivering IT solutions for schools and can provide advice and consultancy on a range of IT solutions.

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Our focus is on providing technology that improves educational outcomes for children. We ensure this by putting the following core values at the heart of everything we do:

Core values

Outcomes focused

First and foremost, we believe that technology should make teaching and learning easier and enable pupils and staff to do more, without being a barrier to learning. Hampshire Services Schools aim to only provide IT provide solutions that positively improve educational outcomes for children and ensure the smooth running of school administrative processes.

Secure and safe

We apply the highest levels of safety and security possible without impeding user experience in order to protect the online safety and security for schools, school’s data, school staff and students. Our products and services align to the DfE guidance on Keeping Children Safe in Education

Collaborative and communicative

Hampshire Services Schools IT work in collaborative partnerships with schools.

Staff members at all levels of the Hampshire Services Schools IT team frequently visit schools and attend school groups to meet with Headteachers, Admin Officers, Business Managers and teaching staff. It is through our regular customer engagement that we share updates and gain invaluable insight and feedback that informs and influences our strategic direction. This allows us to represent the interests of schools in corporate and national matters affecting Hampshire schools. We also support schools by providing updates and advice at governor’s meetings, staff briefings and parent’s evenings as required.


As a local authority, we believe that operating on a not for profit basis is the right thing to do. We invest in developing and continually improving the products and services schools receive. This makes Hampshire Services Schools IT the best choice for IT solutions for schools.

Continuous improvement

Working in collaborative partnerships with schools, we continually review our products and processes to ensure our solutions effectively meet the evolving needs of Hampshire schools long term.

The bigger picture

As part of the wider Hampshire County Council, we work closely with other departments including; Hampshire Inspection and Advisory Service (HIAS), Hampshire Governor Services, Hampshire Legal Services, Education Financial Services (EFS) and others to provide joined up solutions that support continuous school improvement. Particularly important is our work with Children’s Services in tracking the attendance and achievement of Hampshire's Looked After Children.

Contact us

We can provide advice and consultancy on a range of IT solutions and can attend governor’s meetings, staff briefings and parent’s evenings as required. Please click below to find out the best way to get in touch.