Schools Child Portal

Easy access to safeguarding information for HPSN2 and DSL schools

School Designated Safeguarding Leads can securely access children’s safeguarding data for their school more easily through this free online service, known as the Schools Child Portal.

By using the Portal, Designated Safeguarding Leads can check if a child on the school’s roll has an allocated Social or Support Worker. They can also find and contact Hampshire County Council Children’s social care workers more easily and quickly to discuss welfare and safeguarding matters. The Portal has links to online forms for raising non-urgent concerns.


  • Accurate, up-to-date information, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week
  • Visibility of whether a child currently has a case open with HCC Children’s Services
  • Contact details for the allocated Social Worker or Support Worker for urgent concerns/updates
  • Links to web-forms to raise referrals for non-urgent concerns/updates


  • Greatly reduces the need to call and spend time on the phone
  • Easy-to-use search facility
  • Safe and secure access to safeguarding contact information
  • Free of charge

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Further information

Sign up for Schools Child Portal

1. If you wish to request access to the Child Portal the Headteacher should refer to the Information Sharing Framework and read, sign and return the operational agreement. This is a mandatory requirement.

2. Electronic e-signature version of the operational agreement GDPR - Please email both the signed operational agreement and the signatory form for the Information Sharing Agreement (from point 1) to the Children’s Services Data Protection team


Print version of the operational agreement GDPR - Please print, fill in, sign and return the signed operational agreement and the signatory form for the Information Sharing Agreement (from point 1) using the internal courier to:

Children’s Services Data Protection Team,
Children’s Services Department,
3rd Floor, Elizabeth II Court North,
SO23 8UG

How to use Schools Child Portal

  1. We will inform you when the Portal has been made live for your school
  2. When the Portal is live the Headteacher instructs the EAMW Administrator to set up access to the Portal for the Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead(s) in the school (Education Account Management Website (EAMW) guidance which has been updated)
  3. When the Portal is live, Headteachers and Designated Safeguarding Leads should use the Portal as appropriate accessing it at
  4. Please see YouTube video How to use Schools Child Portal 

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