Core services

Our core services provide a wrapper of IT service delivery components that bring consistent values and IT standards across all IT solutions for schools. Core services are automatically enabled when schools purchase subscription or additional contract services.

Core services include:

The IT Service Desk
IT account management
IT consultancy
IT communications and School’s email

core services

IT Development Planning

Our experts consult on a range of IT solutions, resolving issues as they arise. We can help plan school’s IT development with investments that deliver real value and keep pace with new advances in technology.

Fully managed modern services

Our core services, subscription services and additional contract services combine to provide a range of fully managed modern services that make IT easier and more affordable for schools.

Not-for-profit proving real value

All our services operate on a not-for-profit basis, making Hampshire Services IT the best choice for IT solutions for schools that deliver real value and longevity and we remain the true-one-stop shop for Schools IT.

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