IT support: Hosted Schools Service

A fully managed ICT service

The Hosted Schools Service (HSS) supports all aspects of the modern teaching and learning environment with a market-leading fully-managed IT service.

Documents are saved on a local server in the school and securely replicated and continuously synchronised to the highly resilient Hampshire County Council Private Cloud.

Staff and students can access their data, personal profile and applications from school, home or anywhere with an internet connection. Software displays consistently on all devices throughout the school, dependent on local user access permissions.

Schools benefit from our not-for-profit commercial approach and can choose to spread capital costs, such as hardware and installation charges over a period of up to 5 years.

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Truly unlimited IT support
Centralised IT Service Desk
Secure remote access
Highly resilient private cloud
Automated off-site backup

Dedicated account management
Regular on-site technician visits
Not-for-profit approach
Spread costs

Windows 10 desktop
Office 365 email
McAfee Anti-virus
Hardware maintenance
Software management

Key features

Truly unlimited IT support

Online, over the phone, or on-site, we will support your school’s IT whenever you need us. The price quoted is the price you pay; we offer fully unlimited, uncapped IT support with no unexpected bills or call out charges.

Centralised IT Service Desk

Our central IT Service Desk based in Winchester provides schools with a single point of contact for all IT related issues. Highly skilled, dedicated support teams respond quickly to resolve problems remotely and our exceptionally experienced field-based technicians can promptly visit your school if necessary.

Dedicated account management

Your school will be nominated a dedicated account manager to cater for all your school’s IT needs. Our account management team has vast knowledge and experience of delivering IT solutions for schools. We will work with you to get the very best from your technology investments, providing staff with tools that deliver real benefits to leaner outcomes in the classroom, and that ensure the smooth-running of your back-office processes.

We can provide advice and consultancy on a range of IT solutions and can attend governor’s meetings, staff briefings and parent’s evenings as required.

Not for profit approach

As a local authority, Hampshire County Council operate a not for profit ethos with fully-transparent commercial models. Our preference is to work in public-to-public partnerships where we can identify and share costs, benefits and savings.

Secure remote access

HSS provides stronger security for your sensitive school data with two-step authentication for remote access (also known as two-factor authentication). This requires users to provide two ways of proving their identify to access their account, similar to online banking applications.

Users enter a username and password (step one) and are then prompted to provide a code generated by a mobile phone app or key fob code generator (step-two).

Whilst no data protection method is perfect, this simple additional step greatly improves the security of your data and is widely recommended across the data security industry.

Resilience, business continuity, backup & monitoring

Staff and student documents are saved on a local server in the school and securely replicated and continuously synchronised to the Hampshire County Council Private Cloud (highly resilient servers in the Hampshire County Council Data Centre).

Hampshire County Council Data Centre servers are themselves continuously backed-up via a reciprocal data backup agreement with Dorset County Council.

This structure ensures that student and staff work is always protected and accessible with uninterrupted access to documents through a secure remote log-in from anywhere with an internet connection.

Data received and sent internally via HPSN2.1 is secured within our private network without it ever touching the public internet. This guarantees that all data schools are sending and receiving is private, encrypted and secure from external threats.

This protects against data loss, if your local school server develops a fault, if the school internet connection is interrupted or broken, or even in the highly unlikely event that the Hampshire County Council Data Centre suffers an outage.

Should the worst happen, a remote back-up to the Hampshire Private Cloud will occur as soon as the internet connection is restored.

Proactive remote monitoring

Our staff monitor key systems 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. One of the key components of HSS is SCOM (Microsoft’s System Centre Operations Manager) which proactively monitors all HSS servers and sends an alert if there is a potential issue. This automatic monitoring of your servers means that we can identify potential issues quickly, and in many cases put steps in place to ensure that an outage is prevented altogether.


We use our significant buying power to secure excellent pricing on a range of desktop and laptop computers, mobile devices and audio-visual display equipment, network switches and servers.

All hardware supplied under HSS is covered by a repair or replace guarantee (at least 2 years and in most cases 5 years, subject to the terms within your contract), ensuring that schools have access the tools required for teaching and learning with minimum disruption should a fault occur.

Schools can spread the cost of set-up, installation and hardware over a period of up to 5 years with an interest rate well below market rate, fixed for the duration of the repayment period.

Hardware maintenance

We provide support when needed and take care of repair and replacement issues, for desktop computers, laptops, printers, servers, whiteboards, projectors and large display screens. Hampshire Services IT will also follow up any wider issues with the relevant hardware manufacturers to ensure a satisfactory solution for the school.

As part of the HSS service, we provide a termly audio-visual health-check to ensure that your audio-visual display equipment continues to operate at optimal performance.

Hardware replacement schedule

Your personal computers, laptops and tablets are replaced when they reach the end of their useful life as part of an agreed refresh programme, ensuring your equipment remains up-to-date.


Curriculum software of your choice can be integrated with your school’s HSS service, allowing you to easily retain your existing applications for the licenses that you have purchased.

Adding a new curriculum application is easy. Software is ‘packaged’ by us, and then automatically distributed to the users you have requested.

Software updates

Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows and other core applications are proactively managed and updated by Hampshire IT, ensuring you receive fully tested, secure versions of your productivity tools.

Microsoft Licensing

Microsoft EES (Enrolment for Education Solutions) licensing provides a simplified way for schools to acquire Microsoft software under a single subscription through Hampshire Services IT at prices significantly lower than those available elsewhere.

McAfee antivirus

HSS protects your IT applications, data and resources from viruses and malware using McAfee’s market leading antivirus solution.

Office 365 email

Our Office 365 email solution uses Microsoft's cloud technology to provide a modern, configurable service for both members of school staff and learners. One of the unique features of our implementation of Office 365 is the ease with which schools can maintain users, since the system uses SIMS data to automatically create and remove accounts.

Key features:
  • Zero running costs
  • A storage capacity of 50GB
  • Email accounts provisioned from within SIMS
  • Email accounts for pupils and governors
  • Customised filtering: monitor and control inappropriate language in student email
  • Multiple distribution lists can be created
  • Multiple shared accounts can be created

Classroom device management

Provided as part of HSS, LanSchool helps teachers make the most of their teaching time, allowing teachers to visually monitor student device activity.

Key features:
  • On-screen chat
  • Screen snapshot
  • Keystroke monitoring
  • Broadcast student/teacher screen to class
  • Polls and quizzes
  • Blanking student screens to aid focus
  • Limit access to specific web sites and applications

Print management

Provided as part of HSS, PaperCut print-management software helps schools monitor and control printing costs. HSS also integrates with other smart printing solutions such as Canon Uniflow, where schools can benefit from wider Hampshire County Council procurement frameworks.

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We can provide advice and consultancy on a range of IT solutions and can attend governor’s meetings, staff briefings and parent’s evenings as required. Please click below to find out the best way to get in touch.