Firewall changes

Letting your school systems access the internet

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  • Schools can request up to four public IP addresses
  • For schools that don't request the IP addresses, we will include five firewall changes per year
  • Firewall changes will take ten working days for simple port openings and twenty for more complicated requests.

These IP addresses and firewall changes will be funded by the annual HPSN2 charge - there will be no extra cost to schools.

IP Addresses

Every school on HPSN2 will be able to request a set of up to four public IP addresses (depending on availability). This will give schools control over their internet access, inbound and outbound, using their local firewall.

Schools need to formally sign up to the service, which will involve agreeing to an acceptable use policy and the acceptance of a number of security prerequisites. If a school needs more than four public IP addresses, we can discuss how to meet that need.

Firewall change request

For schools that don't request the IP addresses, we offer five firewall changes per year at no extra cost. These will be funded by your HPSN2 annual charge, and you don't even need an SLA with Hampshire IT to take advantage of this offer.

Request a firewall or DNS change
For schools with their own web content filters

If your school has its own web content filtering software, you have a number of choices. You can:

  • remove your current filter, save time and money and just use the HPSN2 Flexible Web Filtering service
  • continue to use your current filter but use HPSN2 Flexible Web FIltering as an additional filter
  • continue to use your current filter by itself, taking responsibility for the content your pupils can access. 
    (This option will not reduce the cost of HPSN2 as Flexible Web Filtering is an integral part of HPSN2.)
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