School wireless

A dependable wireless network is essential to create wirelessly connected classrooms where pupils and teachers can quickly and securely access online content and cloud-based applications.

We can consult with you and conduct wireless surveys as appropriate to understand the best options to refresh or replace your wireless network. We provide schools recommendations with different options for coverage, allowing you to choose the best fit for your requirements and budgetary constraints.

pupil with VR headset

Key features

  • Consistent connection: devices remain connected as you move around school
  • Stable intelligent networking: if one unit fails, others adjust to maintain overall network coverage
  • Affordable and easily expandable: additional units can be added with minimal effort and cost
  • Powerful: unobtrusive hardware capable of servicing a full classroom of devices and ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) initiatives
  • Flexible: create sub-networks to manage guest wireless, different networks for staff/pupils or different areas of the school

Ask us about

  • External weatherproof equipment for complete campus coverage as required
  • Full installation or supply only options

Contact us

We can provide advice and consultancy on a range of IT solutions and can attend governor’s meetings, staff briefings and parent’s evenings as required. Please click below to find out the best way to get in touch.