Management Information (SIMS)

SIMS (Schools Information Management System) is the UK market leader for schools management information systems and used in nearly all Hampshire schools

SIMS Core and Curriculum

We are licensed to operate the SIMS Core and Curriculum suite in Hampshire maintained schools including pupil attendance, assessment and behavioural monitoring as well as the production of several statutory returns.

The SIMS Core and Curriculum service is a single SIMS service for Hampshire maintained schools, replacing the previously separate services of SIMS Annual Entitlement and SIMS Support and Advice.

SIMS Lesson Monitor, SIMS Teacher app and Airhead are outside the Core and Curriculum service but can be purchased separately. Support for SIMS Lesson Monitor is included in the SIMS Core and Curriculum service.

Teacher and child, computer

We provide

  • support for all Hampshire approved SIMS Core and Curriculum software
  • support for SIMS Lesson Monitor
  • access to termly and other Capita software upgrades including statutory returns
  • pre-deployment testing of all Hampshire supported SIMS software upgrades
  • additional detailed user notes including statutory returns

  • comprehensive SIMS Year End instructions
  • rationalised user provisioning for SIMS and Hampshire County Council supported services
  • attendance at Hampshire County Council SIMS seminars
  • support for Hampshire County Council approved data collection software
  • collaboration through our representative headteachers group, PICATS/SICATS, to agree schools SIMS development priorities

Centrally Hosted SIMS (CHSIMS)

CHSIMS is our standard method of delivering SIMS to Hampshire primary and special schools.

  • all SIMS software upgrades are managed and deployed centrally with significant time and cost savings for schools. This includes full testing and piloting with selected schools before being made more widely available
  • all upgrades installed outside standard school hours
  • all SIMS data is securely held in our nationally accredited IT data centre
  • centrally managed SIMS backups including a reciprocal Disaster Recovery (DR) arrangement with Dorset County Council. Therefore, individual schools do not need to maintain local SIMS backups
  • secure home access via separately chargeable Hampshire Passport tokens
  • no requirement for schools to purchase separate Microsoft SQL licenses or individual Workstation Client Licences (CALS)
  • reduced requirement for local high specification SIMS equipment
  • integrates with SIMS cloud services such as Teacher app and Airhead
  • integrates with third party software solutions that use GroupCall Xporter

Each CHSIMS school is automatically provided with three user accounts as standard. Additional user accounts can be purchased separately.

Additional SIMS services

SIMS Lesson Monitor

(Secondary and Education Centres)

Electronic attendance registration for each lesson providing teachers with on screen read access to full pupil attendance history. The service includes ongoing software upgrades for schools that have previously purchased the full software licence. Support is included in the SIMS Core and Curriculum service.

SIMS Teacher App

A cloud based app allowing teachers to update pupil attendance, conduct and assessment records from a mobile device (tablet or iPad). The main SIMS database is automatically updated in real time making everyday classroom tasks easier to manage and record. Teacher app can also be used remotely for school trips, etc and any updates will synchronise the next time the device is connected to the school network. Hampshire Services IT also provides a setup and getting started service which is charged for separately.

Contact us

We can provide advice and consultancy on a range of solutions within SIMS and can attend governor’s meetings, staff briefings and parent’s evenings as required. Please click below to find out the best way to get in touch.