Over many years we have developed a very wide range of activities covering many curriculum areas.  We continually develop new, innovative and interesting activities, and strive to improve upon the sessions we already run

Activity areas

The New Forest

  • Exploring, mapwork, navigation, history and geography, habitat exploration, conservation and experiential learning.
  • Investigate our National Park – then make your own in miniature.
a donkey
freshly picked root vegetables

Sustainable living

  • Gardening – planting, growing, harvesting, tasting!
  • Animals – sheep and chickens, where our food comes from, is farming fair?
  • Energy – monitoring electricity, gas and water use in the dorm block.

Woodland exploration

  • Nature connection and sensory exploration.
  • Mindfulness
  • Shelter building
  • Bushcraft
kids in wellingtons standing in a puddle
muddy hands

Local Geography

  • Rivers and the water cycle – investigating erosion, deposition and other stream features. Field sketching and other fieldwork techniques.
  • Village – contrasting locality, church, land use
  • Rocks and soils – investigating properties of local and less local rocks, clay modelling, investigate (and make) soil, composting.

Ancient History

  • Investigate how ancient people made use of the landscape.
  • Make miniature roundhouses, dye wool with natural colours and use fire!
thatched roundhouse
children filtering debris from pond

Environmental Science

  • Investigate the life in and around a variety of local habitats -heath, woodland, meadow and stream.
  • Investigate food chains, life cycles and adaptation, conservation and environmental protection measures.
  • Water Cycle

Mapwork and Orienteering

  • Hikes around New Forest – navigation
  • On-site orienteering courses
  • Map making
person standing in a maze
stones painted to look like creatures

Art and Crafts

  • Felt making
  • Clay modelling
  • Natural Art (Andy Goldsworthy, James Brunt inspired)
This is by no means a complete list - for more detailed descriptions of the activities we offer please contact us.