At the church

Visit a beautiful church and churchyard

at the church

A fireplace and a sofa for the lord of the Manor, a box pew for wealthier sorts and a cold hard bench for the lowlier!

A beautiful church and churchyard, explore architecture, changes, serious grave stones, names of great, great grandparents, mappings, secret discoveries, riddles of famous authors, think about Gods.

Programme of study

Church Visit (Key Stage 2).

Learning objective
  • To consider the beliefs and practices of Christianity and the other major religious traditions in Great Britain
  • To complete the provided worksheets covering feelings about the church, the geography of the church and reflections on the nature of death

The worksheets are given out and discussed.


  • This is a way of graphing feelings onto a circular grid. The sections of the grid are shaded in from the middle outwards, three new words are added by the children.they are filled in once the children have had a few minutes to quietly take in the atmosphere of the church
  • Map - locate the named features in the key, add a symbol to the map of the church in approximate position
  • Stone sitting - it is important for children to realise that people are buried in the church yard and that relatives still visit the church to remember loved ones. This activity should only be carried out with consideration and in a quiet thoughtful reflective manner
  • Writing a prayer - consider thoughts for other people, creatures places and problems

Questions to elicit knowledge and understanding

  • What, where and who is God?
  • What do other religions call their Gods and Goddesses?
  • In what locations do people pray and worship?
  • What happens when you die, what is a soul, spirit, ghost or angel?