Bat and moth

Bats chase moths in echolocating roleplay



  • Bats chase moths in echolocating roleplay!
  • Bats use echolocation to find their insect food
  • To demonstrate how high pitch sounds give better echoes and therefore a better sound picture of the world; hold up hand, make a low hum whilst moving hand, do the same with a tssshh high pitch sound and you will hear loud and soft echoes
  • Twisting and turning bats find their way even in total darkness using echolocation
  • Bats do have eyes and can see pretty well
  • Children sat in a circle, choose two to enter, one the bat the other the moth
  • The bat although it can see will hunt for the moth wearing a blind fold calling the word 'bat bat bat' and of course the echolocation will return a call from the moth who says 'moth moth moth' in response
  • The bat must tag the moth
  • Then put a blindfold on the moth as well, see how it goes
  • Add another moth or two, and another bat
  • A tree a rock, a cow, raindrops, all of which must respond to the bats echo with a different sound!