Earth stones

An earth stone for you to keep


365 pebbles in a circle, one for every day of the year, one for your birthday, one for you to keep. A wheel of celebrations.

There are 365 days in a year and this is the time taken for planet earth to move once around the sun in a nearly circular orbit. If there are 30 children in a class then 365 divided by 30 is about 12, so if each child picks up 12 small stones then the class will have about one stone for each day of the year. You can pick up the other five.

Standing in a toe to toe circle use a pole or stick as a radius out from the centre. Each child places a stone at the end of the stick then one half way between these and so on until a complete circle of stones has been made.

A circle of stones in which each stone represents a particular day has been created. Some appropriate object representing the sun (a Satsuma is good) is placed in the middle and a mention of scale may be made. The sun is about 100 earth diameters across and about 100 sun diameters away from the earth.

The circle can then be divided into twelve equal parts to represent the months and each child can locate their birthday stone(or place a specially chosen stone into the circle at the appropriate position) If each stone represents planet Earth on a single day of its journey around the sun then each stone is about one and a half million miles apart and travelling at 60,000 miles an hour. To be about the right scale the sun should be sphere about the diameter of the whole stone circle and each stone about one hundred sun diameters away.

Each person picks up their special Earth Stone B’Earth stone Heart Stone.

If a stone represents planet Earth on its journey around the sun then its also millions of years old, as old as the time of the dinosaurs, perhaps has even been trodden on by a dinosaur. If it's a pebble its been washed by streams rivers and oceans, it was once perhaps liquid molten, spat out of a volcano, or was once a mountain that was worn down by wind water and rain.

Although it has gone through huge changes it will still look exactly the same when you are ninety three and a half years old as it does today and you find it at the back of a drawer or in your box of special things.

What do you do with your stone then? Well that's up to you, look after it somewhere safe.