Morph's magnificent journey

The stream outside the centre becomes a grand canyon for an imaginary 2.54cm. high intrepid traveller


The stream outside the centre becomes a grand canyon for an imaginary 2.54cm. high intrepid traveller.

Your task is to identify a number of features of this streamscape, adding symbols onto a prepared map of the area. It will require measurements of widest, deepest and fastest points.

A small craft is constructed to make the journey.

Programme of study

Geography Key Stage 2

Geographical skills and fieldwork:

  • use maps, globes to locate the local area and describe features studied
  • use the eight points of a compass, symbols and key (including the use of Ordnance Survey maps) to build their knowledge of the area
  • use fieldwork to observe, measure, record and present physical features of the stream using a sketch map
Learning objective
  • Use maps and globes of different scales to pinpoint the local area and find the stream
  • Orientate a compass on a map laid to ground and mark north on their maps
  • Create a key using symbols, to record local features
  • Make and record a range of measurements using appropriate equipment
  • Share learning intentions with the group by reference to diary page
  • Use globe, aerial maps and photographs to illustrate features and scale differences
  • Study O.S. maps to explain 4-figure grid references, follow a route and measure distance and direction with a piece of string
  • Study ‘Morph’s’ map to decide what equipment will be necessary for use by the stream
  • Meet on the blue circle to consider safety aspects of working near water and by a road
  • Make morph and craft - test flotation and adapt
  • By the stream, “lay the map to ground” see how to match it to the physical features around them
  • Use a compass to mark north
  • Add symbols from key box onto line map
  • Split group into small ‘measuring groups’; depth, temperature, width
  • Allocate jobs to timers, catchers and sail three craft at a time from a starting position
  • Record times
  • Collate data and present blue water bead
  • Complete Morph page in Earth diary