A reminder of the plants, animals and people that we share planet earth with



The word Thenga comes from India – it means ‘Stick’.

Where much of the original forests have been removed, locals and communities have regrown forests from seeds and looked after the young trees.

A Thenga is a stick, a staff that some one carries as they patrol the forests making sure that no one is cutting wood or hunting before the time is right to do so.

Each school now has their own thenga. The original Minstead Thenga had been carried by over 10,000 children - til one day it got sat on and broke! Now it sits in the roof of the roundhouse.

The Thenga acts a as a symbol of caring for wild places and the plants animals and people of these wild places. It reminds us of the things that we do here in our part of the planet that make a difference to those far away places.

The Thenga is passed from person to person throughout the week at Minstead. The words used when the Thenga is passed are;

'I will carry the Thenga with Love, Care and Respect'