Health and safety at Minstead Study Centre

We ensure both a quality and a safe experience

You should make your own risk assessments for the journey to and from the Centre. Download the Minstead risk assessment form

The wellbeing of all children who visit Minstead Study Centre is of paramount importance.

A minimum ratio of staff to children:

  • Under 5 - 1:6
  • 5 to 8 years - 1:8
  • 8 to 18 years - 1:12

Any non-qualified adults should undergo appropriate police checks and must have shown adequate competence when handling groups of children.

Current Open Country Leadership qualifications are valuable if your staff intend to work out in the Forest.

If privately-owned vehicles are to be used in transporting the children, then rear seat belts must be fitted. All insurance and licence details should be checked prior to your visit.

First aid

James, Jenny, Laura and Lucy at Minstead are all first aid trained. There are first aid kits in the dormitory, classroom, office and dining room corridor. Our staff also have an emergency back pack ready to go off site.

Pre-Visit Information

The school should complete our Pre-Visit form showing any medical, dietary and behavioural needs of your group.

Medical information

The nearest hospital is Southampton General - phone 023 8077 7222

The nearest doctor is in Lyndhurst - phone 023 8028 2689

Fire procedure

We have a fire drill on the first evening of a sleepover. In the event of fire, children should be led out onto the playground by the front gate and a roll call taken.


It is the visiting teachers' responsibility to supervise the children during break times and during any nominated free sessions. Restrict children to playing in good view of the teacher and avoid hidden areas such as behind buildings, cars and up the steps, as these are hazardous.

Always check children's clothing for suitability such as warmth, dryness, protection against the sun or tick bites.


Staff ratios should conform to County ratios. Children walk to and from all the teaching sites in the Forest.

Please emphasise the Green Cross Code and general traffic awareness to your group. If you have to walk along the road it must be in single file, facing the oncoming traffic and with an adult at the front and back of the line. This may vary depending on particular stretches of road.

Other warnings

The sheep at Minstead Study Centre could be a risk to pregnant women. Inform visiting staff of this point.

All accidents or tick bites should be entered into the accident book in the office. Letters are sent to the parents of all children who are tick bitten.