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About this event
Friday 6 October 2023 at St Harold Hillier Gardens

We have an exciting programme of workshops and speakers which will equip school teachers and outdoor education leads with the resources, ideas and inspiration to create a curriculum that engages all pupils.


Bringing the Farm to the Classroom

A hands-on, practical session exploring the pros and cons of keeping animals at school. If it's something that you have always thought would be a great idea but have no idea where to start and whether it's worth the effort, then this session is for you! Warning: there will be opportunities to have fun!

Taking the Primary Curriculum Outside

A workshop aimed at supporting the development of a 'no fear' approach to taking the primary curriculum outside. This will involve discussion about the benefits of learning outside of the classroom, as well as developing a school culture of encouraging and promoting getting children outdoors without unduly increasing teacher workload.

This session will include some simple, practical examples of activities that can be conducted outdoors which can support the teaching of the National Curriculum across different subject areas.

Encouraging Rot at School

Join Carla in the Education Garden as you look at log walls, dead hedges, composting and activities to engage your own students. There will be an opportunity to look at relevant resources to support your teaching.

Suitable for primary teachers, trainee teachers and teaching assistants.

Environmental Art

An opportunity to get your hands dirty on a range of environmental art activities. This workshop will use the outdoors to inspire creativity and use natural resources in artwork. This will also take a look at artists who work in this way.

Suitable for key stages 1 and 2.

Firelighting in your School Grounds

Sitting around a small campfire (about the size of a large dinner plate) as a group, learning, listening, singing, making and sharing food cooked on the fire can be a wonderful, communal experience for children.

In this workshop we will look at the practical skills and knowledge required to light and manage a campfire in school along with risk management, your responsibilities, class management, and having something tasty to eat.

Messy Maps

In this workshop we’ll use some simple home-made maps to learn about and understand some basics of mapwork and orientation. We’ll also discuss ways of creating such maps of your own school grounds. Following this we’ll use natural and found materials to create our own maps for a treasure hunt!

Maths Outdoors

Get your hands dirty while exploring maths outdoors. How do you measure the height of a tree without a tape measure? How can you use the natural environment to find direction? How can nature help us in our maths lessons? During this session we will investigate how we can use our school grounds to enhance our maths lessons.

ReWilding the Mind

ReWilding the Mind is the practice of mindfulness and therapeutic activities within a green space of any kind. Here you can learn how to connect with nature and experience all the sounds, smells, colours and textures that it has to offer to work on relaxation and resilience.

Take your History Lessons Outside

The best history lessons are hands-on, practical and fun!

Your school grounds can be used to bring history to life in lots of ways. Join this session and take home some practical ideas including activities linked to archaeology, timelines and more.

Team Building / Problem Solving

Explore ways to challenge your young people’s communication, teamwork and decision-making through a variety of fun, practical ideas using the outdoor space. This session is not about re-inventing the wheel, but more about thinking outside the box.

Technology Trail

Join us for an exciting, hands-on exploration of the world of mobile apps for outdoor learning!

Dive into the possibilities of what3words' precise location system, Seek's nature identification capabilities, OS Maps' navigation features, Arithmetic's math challenges, AirMeasure's measuring tools and QuizWidget's interactive quizzes.

Learn how to leverage these powerful apps to engage learners and transform your outdoor teaching approach.

Tie Dye & Sun Printing

Join us for a vibrant and creative workshop that will explore the captivating techniques of tie-dying and sun printing!

Dive into the world of fabric transformation as we delve into the art of tie-dying, learning various patterns and dyeing methods to create unique and colourful designs. Discover the enchantment of sun printing, harnessing the power of the sun to create stunning cyanotype prints. Unleash your imagination and learn the step-by-step processes behind these dynamic art forms.

This hands-on workshop is perfect for anyone interested in exploring the magical world of textile art.

Using Natural Resources for Learning

Natural resources (such as twigs, pebbles, fir cones, seeds and leaves) encourage children to observe closely and use all their senses.

In this workshop we will look at how children can use natural materials can to support their learning across a range of subjects from maths through to science, geography and art.

Working Scientifically and with Mini-beasts

Join Carla in the meadow and ponds for hands-on activities designed to help you feel more comfortable working with your own students.

Use and develop simple keys to identify, classify and describe invertebrates. There will be an opportunity to look at relevant resources to support your teaching.

Suitable for primary teachers, trainee teachers and teaching assistants.

Outdoor Sensory Solutions

Do you have children who don't like getting their hands messy? Struggle with the feel of things on their skin? In this workshop we aim to understand and break down these challenges. Take time to explore the sensory nature of activities for all children, not just those with sensory needs.

This workshop will be practical and engaging, providing you with skills and strategies to use in your own setting.

5 Pathways to Nature Connection

Discover the 5 Pathways to Nature Connection in this engaging workshop! Immerse yourself in the wonders of the natural world as we delve into five unique approaches to deepen your bond with nature.

Through experiential activities, storytelling and mindfulness techniques, you'll explore the pathways of sensory awareness, knowledge and understanding, emotional connection, beauty and aesthetics, and stewardship. Learn practical tools to enhance your connection to nature, fostering a profound sense of wellbeing and environmental consciousness.

Debbie Lambert - teaching design technology and music in your school grounds

This workshop will focus on practical ways to teach design technology and music in your school grounds. It will explore ways to use the natural resources in your outdoor space to investigate 'nature's orchestra', create music using sounds of nature and explore structures and material in the natural environment.

The workshop develops units found in Bloomsbury’s award winning 'National Curriculum Outdoors; a complete scheme of work' books by Deborah Lambert, Michelle Roberts and Sue Waite.

View the list of workshops in PDF format: Outdoor Learning Conference - workshop list


£100 - Hampshire Outdoors SLA

£120 - non SLA

Hampshire Outdoors will send an invoice for the delegate directly to your school/setting. You will be charged if you cancel your space within 3 weeks of the event.


Time Agenda item
9:30am Welcome and keynote
10:30am Workshop session 1
11:30am Refreshment break
11:45am Workshop session 2
12:45pm Lunch
1:45pm Workshop session 3
2:45pm Finish discussions and closing

Places on workshops are issued on a first come, first served basis. Each workshop has specified a capacity and unfortunately these cannot be changed.