Resources for Trailblazer schools

Become a Trailblazer school and take advantage of our bank of outdoor activity resources and support

Trailblazer is for groups of any size, from a small class or club, up to the entire school. Choose outdoor activities that fit your planning.


  • Borrow resource kits to enhance outdoor learning. These contain exciting items, from beanbags to parachutes. Foundation stage kits are also available
  • Our online 'Ideas Pages' contain enjoyable, curriculum based activities
  • Borrow free resources from our Trailblazer library


  • Expert advice to help you incorporate outdoor learning into your curriculum
  • Access training at Outdoor Centres


  • Download certificates all year round
  • Apply for an annual certificate to show your involvement in the Trailblazer scheme

Trailblazer newsletter

Access regular news bulletins. Share your successes and get new ideas from other Trailblazers.

Provide evidence

Submit evidence of Trailblazer activities during the year to continue receiving support and to remain a Trailblazer school.

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